Well phooey

Ok so a while back I had a procedure called cryoablation and one of the common side effects was promised to be the complete cessation of menstrual periods…about 30% of the time, they said. I figured, since I am once of these people who almost always had the listed side effects, I would be one of the lucky 30%. alas….it would appear not to be so. Sigh. Now, I knew, intellectually, that while it was possible the physical attributes of menses would be gone, the mental and emotional bits would still be there, since the procedure does nothing to rid one of the hormone producing bits and we all know hormones are what causes one to be moody and crave cheetoes.

So, over the weekend I was moody and craving pizza (not cheetoes, maybe this is a change caused by the cryo, but I swear when I was in the grocery store I wanted to buy every single cheap Totino’s Party Pizza in the case…and you KNOW me by now! I am not a $2 Totino’s Pizza type person!) I was puzzled by this, being one who isn’t very good at keeping up with timing and such, until Terry pointed out that It Was Time, hormonally speaking, for me to…y’know…Crave Cheetoes.

And today says he was right. And I am deeply disappointed, but also relieved because it explains the anxiety and general fretfullness of the weekend. You have NO idea how much the idea of no menses excited me. I don’t need that any more…what remains to be seen, is if the cryoablation worked. Am I going to have a nice normal 3 day period, or will it be the 10 day howling at the moon festival of stay-within-20-feet-of-a-bathroom-whilst-eating-motrin-like-M&Ms activity I’ve become familiar withover the last 5 years? If so, it’s back to the doctor and schedule a hysterectomy….sigh.

At least I know now why I was so moody. I guess I’ll have to start keeping up with it on the calendar. and upon further review…I’ll be right there when I’m supposed to be flying to Texas to see Grandmother next month. Lovely.


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