more on the garden

I wonder if I should take before and after pictures of the gardens. I have 2, one is a mix of herbs and flowers,and the other is vegetables with a few flowers for color. since I don’t use pesticides, I am comfortable mixing things up. The flower/herb garden is about to get a big makeover. I may move some of the herbs into the vegetable garden, and I am probably moving the largest rose into an area all it’s own because it’s really BIG and really AGGRESSIVE and kinda SPREADY-OUTY. It’s beautiful,yes (see the rosa gallica photograph in the previous post) and very fragrant. When it’s in full bloom, it’s like…200 flowers and you can smell it from 50 feet away. An individual bloom will smell up an entire room. I whacked it way back last week, knowing full well that doing so would mean no flowers this year, but that’s ok. There is no way I could move it otherwise.

The herb/flower garden has daylilies,which I am content with the location of (english teachers may wince at the structure of that sentence)…let me rephrase that. The herb/flower garden has daylilies that….um…I am content with the location of the daylilies in the herb/flower garden. (that’s better). However, the irises could be better situated for clearer viewing. I have white ones (orris) and a beautiful peachy colored one with ruffledy edges. Last year it bloomed the same time as the gallica rose, and being parked right in front of that rose, was completely hidden by it. Not gonna let that happen.

The lantana was perfect, but vigorous. however, the red/orange flowers looked beautiful with the blue salvia (WAR EAGLE) and the soft cream of the Comte duChampagne rose. A formerly unknown patch of amaryllis has been discovered, and I am loathe to get rid of anything that blooms and comes in easy-to-move bulb form, so those will need up-digging and perhaps put along the outside of the garden fence.

Amaryllis moved last year, more discovered and needs moving

I think today, since it’s supposed to be PERFECT gardening weather and everything is still dormant but won’t be for long if this weather keeps up, Things Will Be Moved. First up, the gallica rose to the backside of the wall. Then, iris shuffling. One bit at a time until the back says NO MORE.

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  1. Oh DO take before and after pics!!

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