I raked as much pinestraw and pinecones as my left rotator cuff would allow.

rosa gallica in my garden. you can smell them from 5 feet away

The house is open to the warm breeze and I did a little aesthetic work on the garden…got a birdfeeder unsatisfactorily hung. I’ll need to go get a post for it, or figure out how to hang it from the tree. And I’ve got to decide other things…do I take the amaryllis bulbs out of their pot and put them along the fence? Do I put herbs in the other pots, or flowers? Do I want to take the Emma Hamilton rose out of it’s pot and put it in the ground next to the Honey Delight rose? When do I dig up that huge gallica and move it behind the wall? It’s taking up far too much space in the herb garden and I need that room for something else. The Siberian irises need to be moved too. While they’re pretty coming up amongst the Tuscany rose, it’s visually not very pleasing…messy looking. O the hard decisions and dilemnas of a middle aged Southern housewife.

The gallica rose

The coldframe is assembled and on the bed planted with mesclun mix and arugula. The anticipation of delicious salads in a month or so is causing a bit of internal giddiness. I take such delight in going out at 11:30 and picking a basketful of baby greens and a few english peas to assemble a beautiful salad and a warm homemade vinagrette dressing. Peas have been plantes, and the bed laid over with fallen branches to discourage the cats from using it as a litterbox. So far it seems to be working, but that may be because they are busy using the herb garden. A trip to Lowes is in order, for a roll of hogwire (excellent as a cat deterrent) and a post for the birdfeeder.

Morning Glories and Cardinal Flower on the fence

I cannot decide what to put in the pots. I love petunias, their lighty spicy scent and bright colors, but they’re a pain in the butt to keep watered and deadheaded adequately. Morning Glories are a must-have, but they go on the fence. Zinnias perhaps, always cheerful, easy to care for and all, but I had zinnias all the time growing up and want something different. Marigolds don’t excite me, as I prefer the pink and purple flowers. I may wind up putting vegetables in the pots. One big pot could hold a tomato plant, a couple of the smaller ones are good for peppers, and herbs could go in the others. Tarragon, chives, maybe even chamomile (tho it’s better planted en masse in a bed than one little plant in the pot) Oh I don’t know. Probably the thing to do would be to go to the plant store and peruse the seeds and bedding plants, and just see wot’s wot.

We have this wall on the south side of our patio. It’s about 7 feet high and latticework brick. Sounds posh, right? It’s a nice wall, but the nearby pinetrees are heaving it with roots and it’s cracking and threatening to fall over. However, we’re just leaving it alone. When it actually falls over we’ll deal it. For now I am weaving the vines of an aggressive wisteria (which is like something out of a Godzilla movie in this part of the world) through the holes in the brickwork. I figure it will at least be pretty when it blooms, and actually isn’t half bad looking when it’s not. Terry violently hates wisteria, and I am sure eventually (when the wall falls down) we’ll attempt to eradicate it. Until then we’ll try to make the most of it.

Wisteria on the wall, last Spring

Anyway…this, days like today, is why we live here. Mid February and it’s 70 and sunny. Things are blooming and growing and people are wearing shorts.


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2 Responses to

  1. Bella Rum says:

    There’s always something to do or plan when it comes to gardening. I love morning glories and that wisteria is gorgeous. It’s suppose to be 75 today and I think it probably is. It’s so beautiful. Have a good one, Rootie.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I’m watching snow melt and can see grass and a few bright green tips breaking through in the gardens.
    Sounds good til you know the forecast. Snow flurries possible tonight.

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