I got called Eeyore today. I don’t mind, it’s really very appropriate. I am definitely a ‘glass half empty and what’s left probably has backwash in it’ sort of person. I don’t know why I’m that way. My parents were all about “the power of positive thinking” and Andrew Carnegie and Norman Vincent Peale when I was growing up. But I see it as a form of self defense. If you expect bad things to happen ,and they do, then you’re prepared for them. If they don’t, you’re pleasantly surprised. I said that to Peaches, the Preacher’s Wife a while back and she was appalled, but then if she were a cartoon character she’d be Tigger, all BOUNCYBOUNCY JOY JOY O LOOK A FLOWER! I told her that, too, after she called me Eeyore today. She said (and understand she only has 2 levels of volume, loud and louder) “DON’T YOU FIND JOY IN ANYTHING? EVER? AT ALL?’
and I said “Of course I do, but only after I check and make sure there’s not some condition attached.” She thought that was sad. I said it was practical.

And it’s not like I walk around with a cloud over my head, looking for the worst possible scenario all the time. Well, I mean…ok I do…but I am also prepared for good things to happen, and can generally handle it ok if they do…BUT

Being prepared means I’ve never been in a car accident that was my fault. I’ve been in 1 accident ever, and it was totally her fault.
It also means I’ve never been stuck in an airport without a backup plan and a granola bar.
If someone falls over and gets scraped, guess who has a bottle of water and a bandaid. NOT TIGGER!

So I accept gratefully the label of Eeyore, disaster preparedness, pessimis I mean realism and all.


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  1. Bella Rum says:

    I’m a bit like Eeyore, too. We are who we are.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I have the snack bars and water bottle. I have the bandaids and the hand sanitizer and more kleenx than anyone could possibly need. I have the small change for parking meters and telephones ( in case the cell phone dies but then again I recharge when it’s down one bar). I have road maps, print out computer maps and make paper direction notes when travelling by car.
    I am an OPTIMIST. I just like to have all the bases covered so I stay that way.

    • rootietoot says:

      You’re my kinda gal. A couple of years ago we took a trip, and attempted to be spontaneous and not plot a route or make hotel reservations. We wound up being so nervous about that we decided never again. And we are MUCh happier with maps,water, and hotel reservations.

      • Elizabeth says:

        Hubby would happily set out with just a direction in mind.
        I am currently researching B&Bs in Tybee and Savannah as well as Charleston and fully intend to have places set for every day on the road. If I plan the right mileage everyday there will be built in time for spontaneous knowing I have a room reserved ahead.
        It’s hard though and frustrating when hubby’s input is….sound good.

  3. rootietoot says:

    Charleston is a great town to wander around, especially in the Spring. it’s a big gardening town. Tybee is funky and offbeat, Savannah is a good place to amble in too as long as you stay in the Historic District and with a tour. It can be a little rough if you wander too far off the beaten path. Hilton Head Island is a little more upscale than Tybee,and has good shopping if you’re into that. Personally I like Tybee and Savannah, but that’s because it’s an easy day trip and I’m familiar with it.

  4. Snarf…didn’t you mean Dale Carnegie? 😉 Got a funny story to tell you privately some time.

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