Dear whoeverthehellyouare

Attn: The Manager / Director Ceo;

This is meant for the Industrial Development funds authorization we received from U-N office; to facilitate
the Bank telegraphic transfer with you. Meanwhile, the transfer details will be send to you on your prompt reply.

Licensed Capital & Income Tax Financial Advisers
Office Tel: 0044-703-1917875 / Fax: 0044-705-3441853
Copyright © J. Borgenson & Associates All rights reserved.

this was in my email box this morning. You would think if some industrial developement fund was fixing to transfer funds into my bank account, they’d know my name and gender first, right? Wouldn’t they have an address? Hmm.

fear not. I know a scam when I smell it. Ain’t no one getting nothin’ out of me.


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2 Responses to Dear whoeverthehellyouare

  1. Bella Rum says:

    these things are crazy. i always wonder who would every fall for them.

  2. Terry says:

    Apparently someone does fall for them- that must be why they keep sending them!

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