The Joy of love photography project day 5

Willette’s The Joy of Love project

What does your loved one do that drives you nuts? I must admit that Terry is remarkably free (mostly) of bad habits. He keeps his clothes picked up, he uses Febreeze when he stinks up the bathroom,and never, ever brings someone home for dinner without calling first to make sure it’s ok. So generally I can’t complain. However, there is one thing I pick at him long and hard about. Everytime he brings home an electronic device (which in itself I have no issue with, as I generally benefit from them), it has a remote. Which has to be learned, and it’s confusing for me.

Which one for what? I have no idea.

#4 is 11, and a self-proclaimed Legomaniac. I have managed, finally,to get him to (mostly) contain the Lego shi…er…stuff and bits to one room,but occasionally it creeps into other rooms. Since he likes an audience when he’s blowing things up on the computer, and I don’t want to watch, he builds his own.


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