Ok Update

What day is it? Friday? ok. I’m on Lortab,which is making my skin feel weird but does a fairly good job of making the sensation of breaking in half settle into more of a normal bad menstrual cramp kind of thing.

I had the cryoablation yesterday,and while the procedure itself was not so bad…not the kind of thing I’d want to do every day or even more than maybe twice in my life if absolutely necessary, I can say for sure that I don’t EVER want to go through the eternity ok years ok 30 minutes or so afterward before the pain meds kicked in. I always thought labor was kind of the benchmark for pain but I tell you what, it’s got NOTHIN’ on that mess of 30 minutes after the procedure. I passed out twice from it, nearly threw up a couple of times except my stomach was empty. It. Was. Awful.

But, now I’m feeling better. When the Lortab wears off, it feels like a really bad menstrual cramp, but not like I’m breaking in half. They said it would get better and it has. In a few days I’ll feel right as rain. And when it’s all over, I’ll be through with the long messy Lady Stuff. Maybe they’ll be shorter like a normal person, maybe they’ll be gone altogether. I’ll know in a couple of months.

But in the meantime, I’ve got a nice bottle of pills that make my skin feel strange, a stack of Netflix movies and a list on Instant View, and leftovers from a delicious meal brought by a friend last night. So all in all, not so bad. Except for the memory of breaking in half. That was pretty awful.


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2 Responses to Ok Update

  1. Why oh why do I read your blog through a feed reader? I miss out on the fabulous blog headers you come up with!!

    Whatever procedure you just endured sounds perfectly medieval. Lord love a duck, lady, get a hysterectomy if you can. Please. Speaking from experience, it was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I know some will disagree with me and that’s fine, but DA-YM – if there is a way out of suffering, sign me up.

    • rootietoot says:

      You know,when I was in the midst of the procedure, a darkened room with 2 nurses, an untrasound tech and the doctor (all women) I made a comment about feeling like I was in a Red Hut with a group of witches doing mysterious things. The nurses appeared offended, and the doctor cackled and said “now hold still while I insert this probe” and held up a thing about 3 feet long. She and I actually get along really well, and I laughed.
      The doctor said if this didn’t work, she’d do a hysterectomy. thing is, insurance covered this procedure 100%, and a hysterectomy has a $2000 deductible and 20% copay.

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