I love modern medicine!

Ok, over the past while i’ve whined long and loud about Lady Problems. Particularly long, luscious menstrual periods that keep me in house for a few days and quite complainy as well. So I finally saw my gynecologist and Things Are Going To Happen. HUZZAH!

Last Monday I had a D&C,just a partial one so she could figure out what’s going on up there. Nothing major, she said. Yay I said. What do you want to do now she said.
Make The Periods STOP I said. So she gave me some options:

Cryoablation, an outpatient thing, quick recovery, in office, won’t stop the periods but will make them 2-3 days long instead of the 10 I live with now (that’s 1/3 of my life…ONE THIRD of my life spent BLEEDING!), plus they’ll be lighter. No general anesthesia,just a couple of tranquilizers and a day or two on the couch.

Thermoablation- like the cryo, only with a general anesthesia, bit longer recovery time, same results

Hysterectomy-parts removed, no periods ever again, surgical thing, longer recovery, etc

She said “what do youwant to do?” and I said “what would you do if it were you?” and she said “I’d do the cryo first, and if that doesn’t work, then a hysterectomy.” so I said “Make it so.”

And because we live in America and Things Happen, I have an appointment for said cryoablation this Thursday. Terry’s gonna take the day off, a friend is gonna cook supper, and hopefully all the monthly drama and rather significant expense of Feminine Products will cease or at least be lessened to a degree that i can smile about it.

*edited to add* So I called my insurance company to see how this would be covered, fully expecting a $2000 deductible and essentially having them say “nope, won’t cover it.” and instead she said “Oh, since this is an office procedure and we like office procedures we’re going to cover it 100%, no deductible, no copy” and I’m all WHAT and make her repeat it, then I ask her all sorts of roundabout “what if this, then that” questions and she’s going “all covered…” and now instead of spending the $2K on me, which is what we have it set aside for, I can spend the $2K on getting TERRY’S ARM FIXED RIGHT HOOOORAY!


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3 Responses to I love modern medicine!

  1. Bella Rum says:

    This all sounds good. Hope it works and yippee about the insurance paying up. Luv it.

  2. SuperBee says:

    1) Yay for having your hoo-hoo frozen off;

    2) His arm STILL ain’t fixed?! Yeeeesh! It’s been like a year since it got busted and semi-fixed… y’all’s bones effed up. πŸ˜‰

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