Ok I’m back…

After a few days off. I had a D&C Monday and have been feeling wan and precious, plus a friend was here to help and commiserate, which is always lovely. she even rearranged the inside of my fridge…and before you gasp and say something about her temerity…now I can find everything in it! I love that she did that because I am always doing stuff like that and turnabout’s fair play. AND I CAN FIND EVERYTHING. She said “you have 3 half bags of mozzerella cheese. If you kept your fridge organized you wouldn’t have stuff like this” and she’s absolutely right. See, this is the kind of friend I need. One who can say “look here…” and I know where her heart is.

Anyway, we had breakfast yesterday at Waffle House. (Do you know what she does? She gets a waffle, no syrup, and bacon, and makes a sandwich of it. I am totally doing that next time. It looked delicious.) She asked me “how often do you clean your baseboards.” and I answered “I think I’ve done them twice since we moved here.” (We’ve been here 5-1/2 years) and she said “Good. My mother would do them every week and I think that’s excessive.” and I replied “I do them when I notice that they’re covered with crud.” That’s my entire cleaning philosophy. I do it when it bothers me.

I will vacuum the floors once a week or so. With pets comes hair and with boys comes dirt tracked in. Once a week there. I’ll mop when I notice splatters or maybe when someone is coming over. Once a week, at the most, usually less. I’ll clean the toilets and sinks weekly (I’m not completely gross),and the tubs less often but at least 2 or 3 times a month. I mean…I don’t HATE cleaning, but it’s not my favorite. I’d rather be playing solitaire on the computer learning how to use my new camera and editing software or working in the yard.

I got a new rose to plant. I love me some roses, and my favorite are the David Austin variety. I ordered it a week ago, with a request that they go ahead and ship it because even though we are technically Zone 8 we are closer to a zone 9 due to the coastal influence, and they didn’t say “oh no! we can’t do that! We never ship to Georgia until February!” because there’s Georgia Athens/Atlanta mountain foothills which needs February, and there’s Deep South Statesboro flat, coastal which is nearly a completely different climate. And I wanted my rose. The customer service person wrote right backand said “Sure thing!” and less than a week later, here it is, in a bucket out back, waiting to be planted this afternoon! (with #4 digging the hole for me, as D&C preciousness will not permit heavy lifting on part).
I love to plant a rose, you have what looks like a bundle of green sticks with a cluster of brown roots, plain and dull and not very attractive. Stick it in the ground with some manure and love, water it good and in a couple of months it turns into something that produces lovely, fragrant flowers for years and years. The David Austin roses are particularly satisfying,as they tend to be extremely healthy and generous bloomers. *AND* they don’t look like your hybrid florist roses. I have several, and I highly recommend them, particularly if you like roses that smell amazing.

What do you like to plant?


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4 Responses to Ok I’m back…

  1. Kathryn Lookofsky says:

    I don’t plant anything that isn’t beautiful or that I can’t eat. That’s my rule. No random shrubbery, etc. I like stuff that blooms and/or tastes good. Currently on my list… a magnolia tree, a weeping cherry tree, and, I hope an apple tree. I love the Pink Lady variety. I’ve never planted an apple tree before though, so who knows? I kinda just stick stuff in the ground and hope it lives. Survival of the fittest around my place! lol

    • rootietoot says:

      I agree completely Kathryn, and the beauty issue has a caveat: it must be beautiful MORE than 2 weeks a year. That rules out azaleas. Planting fruit trees isn’t tricky, here what i do and have great results: Dig a hole twice as deep and three times as wide as the root ball or pot. Mix in an entire bag of Black Cow manure. Make sure the soil is good and fluffy, no lumps or rocks. Then when you remove the pot or burlap, kind of break up the root ball so the roots spread out, and plant. Water it really well every day for a week (unless rain takes care of it for you) Keep it mulched with compost, keep it watered well until you see leaves sprouting, then fertilize every 2 or 3 months until frost. The most important thing is getting that hole BIG and full of organic goodies.

  2. JerseyChick says:

    The only thing I plant is my butt in front of the computer. Doesn’t bloom, but it does smell in certain seasons.

    BTW, the pecan waffle sandwich works just as well with sausage patties. Gotta have a cup of coffee with it, though.

    (Thanks for a great visit, child-free.)

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