(scuze me while I put a piece of a post-it note over the Jillian Michaels ad in the sidebar…she’s glaring at me for the potato soup i had for lunch. Piss off ya hipless witch. And for God’s sake stop wearing those pants that look like they’re about to slide off and expose your cooch. You look like a tart.)

Ok where was I…oh I hadn’t even started yet. Ok so…enforced inactivity is ANNOYING. So in an attempt at livelyness I set up a Vince Guaraldi channel on Pandora and now I’ll all finger-snappy and got some energy! Awesome piano jazz! He’s the guy who wrote all the Peanuts jazz in the Charlie Brown specials and I flamin LOVE this stuff!

And of course, I could be doing mild activities around the house, feminine things like removing dust bunnies from bookcases and perhaps alphabetizing the spice rack. I could even be painting a watercolor picture of a bird and lifting nothing heavier than a coffee cup. However this morning I read (finally) the post-procedure instructions from the doctor, and it said something about ‘resume daily activities as able’ and I totally took that to mean it was FINE to go outside and dig a hole. Now JerseyChick, before you plotz, I had #4 help. He did the heavy lifting. And now my lovely, lovely Golden Celebration rose is in the ground, watered and mulched and ready to start makin’ me some big, fat, fragrant gold roses. Like this:

Godlen Celebration, David Austin Roses

See, my father had this philosophy about infirmity when I was growing up. That is, you’re allowed to be sick one day. 24 hours, and that’s it. Anything more is malingering and Unacceptable. He was able to enforce this until I came down with mononucleosis in the 8th grade, and was put on 1 month bed rest. boy that killed him,nearly. Me, looking perfectly fine to his eyes, no spots or raging fever, nothing tangible that he could look at and say “it’s sick” with conviction. Just my 13 year old self,feeling puny (punyness was definitely frowned on) and sipping hot tea for my (apparently but he was unable to confirm beyond my admonitions)sore throat. He could have handled it much better if I was wearing a cast on my leg or something. Every day he’d walk by and grump something about how I didn’t look that sick. Mom protected me tho,by waving the paper with the Dr’s orders on it and putting her foot down. “Backoff Arvle! do you want her sick for the rest of her life?” This was right about the time the correlation between mono and Epstein-Barr was coming out.

I inherited that philosophy. I try hard to rein it in. I think with the rest of the family I do a pretty good job, but with myself I have a very hard time tolerating inactivity, and I do NOT like being told I can’t do anything I want. And what I want, when I can’t, is exactly what I am not supposed to be doing. When I had my hip replaced 3 year ago,I wanted nothing more than to be able to cross my legs and climb stairs. Now, after this most recent procedure, I want to lift and carry heavy things, dig holes,plant stuff. I could go 6 months and never lift a heavy thing and not care one bit. But now, when I’m not really supposed to, that’s what I want to do the most.

And it’s even worse when I’m here at the house by myself, with no friend to say “Sit DOWN.” Or husband to ductape me to a chair. It’s just me, going “I feel ok. That rose isn’t going to plant itself you know. It’s not a huge hole I need, and that bag of manure isn’t that heavy. it’s not like I’m digging a trench or anything. And it’s sandy soil,easy and soft.” and then I imagine Terry’s reaction when he gets home and sees that the rose has been planted. He’ll sigh, call me Arvleina, and tell me he’s not going to listen to any complaining if something hurts.

But at least the rose is planted.


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10 Responses to

  1. Terry says:

    O.K. Arvelina- I am not going to listen to any complaining if something hurts.

  2. Rhu says:

    What an opening! I have no idea who you are taking about, but it cracked me right up!

  3. Jillian Michaels makes doctors throughout the land roll their eyes and sneer. My 35 lbs (weight lost) in one year (that’s 52 weeks) is pretty small potatoes in her elite club (wherein she expects 10 lbs or more lost in a week’s time!)… but the sneering docs all reassure me that JM’s weight-loss regime is unhealthy and gross. (So why is she so loaded then?)

  4. JerseyChick says:


  5. SuperBee says:

    I must’ve missed the memo about when you got the new, new hip. I remember something a while back (I think I was changing jobs…) about needing it replaced – you get a new pair again?

    If so… Speedy Recovery!

    • rootietoot says:

      oh no-I still have the old new hip. Believe me,you would have known if there was a new new one. The warning bell about needing a new new one was bursitis. The old new one is still fine and dandy šŸ™‚

  6. Bella Rum says:

    So happy for you that his bit of yuck is behind you. Do take it easy. Okay, I said it.

    I love that you grow roses. I don’t. I always think they’re too much trouble but they’re so beautiful, and those who grow them are willing to go to the trouble for the beauty. Says something. Do you fight the black spot or mildew or whatever it is that they get?

    • rootietoot says:

      I look for roses that are disease resistant, and thenspray them with a mix of baking soda(for blackspot) and dishsoap (for aphids). The soda alters the ph of the surface of the leaves so the fungus won’t grow on it. I do have to spray after every rain,so I only do it for the ones in pots. The ones in the ground just have to suffer, and I buy ones that tend to not get it. If I get one that is really prone to fungus, it gets relegated to the dump. Life is too short to fool with ugly roses.

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