Finally, normal winter weather

…and other news.
It’s not so cold now. Those 18 degree nights were highly peculiar for this region,tho I am not complaining because a good solid chill like that makes for FABULOUS roses in the Spring. We had cold like that last year and the roses were spectacular. Now, however, it’s just January yuck. Raining, which makes it hard to take the doctor prescribed walk…I suppose if I were more dedicated I could wear a raincoat and walk anyway, but there are limits to my enthusiasm. It rains in January. In other regions it snows, but here, it just turns grey and damp and just cold enough to require hot beverages and soups. Which is fine…I like soup!

I have a D&C scheduled for Monday next week. I’m looking forward to that, uh huh. Middle aged lady parts sometimes misbehave, and as such need checking out. Whether or not more extensive work will be done depends on the conclusions reached by Dr. R after the D&C. I admit to some eagerness when considering the idea of a hysterectomy. While it will be painful and possibly a degree of misery for a while afterward, the idea of never dealing with…y’know…Communists In The Funhouse…ever again is cause for enthusiasm. My dear friend JerseyChick is using me as an excuse to come for a child-free visit next week, which is also very exciting…I predict we’ll solve all the morality problems of the world and possibly get some Elizabeth Gaskell movies watched.

It bothers me, considering health issues. I have always been quite hearty, physically, and to realize that this body of mine ain’t so hale no more is off-putting. Oh I know, it happens when you get older. I’ve been taking daily pills for 17 years now for mental issues, but the physical ones have never been around and it kind of offends me a bit to know that the body isn’t as strong and invincible as I’ve imagined. It all started 2 years ago with the kidneys crashing…but they have recovered enough that I can essentially ignore them (as long as I watch the salt and drink enough water)… and now this….FEMALE nonsense. Bah. Terry is fairly sure I’m going to be a delicate flower for a few days, as is Dr. R, having prescribed a bottle full of Lortab. I am fairly sure I’m not going to take it at all, since morphine based drugs do strange and unpleasant things and I’d rather be precious on the couch with a heating pad and a stack of DVDs than deal with side effects. Lortab,Percodan,Vicodon all make me feel like there’s bugs crawling on my skin, and for someone who screams and climbs a chair when there’s a bug on the floor, feeling like they’re on my skin is, to say the least, distressing.

And so this week will be spent with the anticipation of delicate sensibilities next week. Cleaning, doing a bit of food prep, and so on. Not much else is going on…no special events or fancy hoo-hah, just an ordinary week. Which I kind of love, really.


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4 Responses to Finally, normal winter weather

  1. OMG, I can’t stop laughing. Communists in the funhouse, indeed!

  2. JerseyChick says:

    I have heard it said recently that age-related illness is God’s way of getting us more in the mood for our eternal body, and less mentally attached to the body we get while we’re here…

    I think “Wives and Daughters” is the only Gaskell movie I’ve seen. Wouldn’t it be ironic if you and I watched “North and South”?

    If Dr. R cares to do a practice hysterectomy, I’d certainly volunteer, in the spirit of patriotism and in support of the medical sciences.

    • rootietoot says:

      I like that- getting us in the mood for our eternal bodies. God knows I’m less fond of this one than I was 30 years ago.
      We could watch North and South, or Cranford! I like them both!
      Dr. R is unfortunately opposed to the idea of elective hysterectomies. I tried, 5 years ago, to convince her alot of grief would be saved if she just took the accursed thing out. I wasn’t using it any more.

  3. Bella Rum says:

    Communists In The Funhouse – love it. I don’t miss them at all.

    I’m in the same boat with you with pain medication. They upset my stomach. Sometimes it’s just easier to deal with the pain. Good luck with this.

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