ode to the velour track suit

I love being 45 and more worried about comfort than style. 2 years ago, with a degree of trepidation, I purchased a hot pink velour track suit. Probably not the best choice of color because with my narrow shoulders and wide hips I resembled a bottle of Pepto Bismol, but Lordy it is comfortable. Then with this year’s resolution to walk 3 days a week (still kept, by the way. GO ME!) I decided that another suit or two would be a good thing. The Jessica London catalog had them for buy-one-get-one-free, so a black on and a dark blue one were added. Yesterday I was in JC Penney to get #4 some jeans (he had the temerity to OUTGROW the ones purchased in the summer!) and ambled over to the women’s department to see wot was wot…and lookee there, a pretty chocolate brown one in my size, marked down from $70 to $30. That’s a sign if I’ve ever seen one. Now I have 4 of them…SO COMFORTABLE…that’s one for each of the 3 days I walk, plus one for my day off when I don’t do anything.

See, I know what the fashion world thinks of velour track suits, or anything with an elastic waist and a zipper up the front. I’ve heard the disparaging comments about ‘settling’ and ‘laziness’ and ‘what will people think’ and I say “Yes, your point would be…?”

Here’s the plus list:
a.elastic waist
b.knit fabric that’s stretchy and accomodates the size variety inherent with being a perimenopausal woman
c.soft on dry, sensitive winter skin
2.Doesn’t have to be ironed
4.comes in a variety of colors allowing one to look a variety of ways
a.like a black olive
b. like a bottle of Pepto bismol
c.like a bottle of Phillips Milk of Magnesia
d.like a brown beer bottle or possibly a full bottle of Coke missing the lable
5.Significantly reduces the need to figure out what to wear (already an outfit with top and bottom)
6.comfort…did I say that already?

Here’s the minus list
1.Dissed by Stacey and Clinton
2.wearer could be accused of “settling”
3.Makes the wearer look like bottles of digestive aids

But, y’know, a comfortable woman is a happy woman. I know it’s not the sexiest thing in the world, but neither is a look of pain or anguish from wearing 4 inch heels or fear of spilling lunch on a silk blouse. NOTHING shows on velour except cat hair. Which is why God invented masking tape. Ok maybe not exactly why but it is certainly a good use for it.

SO YAY for the velour track suit! They’re cheap! They’re comfortable! If you layer them with a long sleeve t-shirt and a scarf, you can even go walking in the 23F morning and not freeze! Who cares if you look like a bottle of gut gripe, it’s not as if I’m auditioning for a job at Goldman-Sachs.

So I decided to google “velour track suit” and apparently they’re not as pedestrian as I thought! Apparently I can spend lotsa money on them and act like I’m fancy or something! I could even get one with Juicy written across the butt or with sparkly things here and there. Alas,no, I do not want Juicy on my butt nor do I sparkle on purpose, but I stand by my plain little cheap velour track suits, and will wear them even until they’re considered Out.

What do YOU like to wear?

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7 Responses to ode to the velour track suit

  1. JerseyChick says:

    Denim skirts- I hate binding around my hips and thighs.
    I must confess to looking with as much distaste upon the young woman in stilettos yesterday as she looked upon me, in my “sensible” shoes.
    On the other hand, I WAS a lot steadier crossing the icy library parking lot, as we were casting disparaging glances upon one another.
    Really- stilettos to the library? After an ice storm?

    • rootietoot says:

      I love denim skirts, and knit skirts, particularly in the hot months. I look with great amusement at the women who dress for style rather than comfort, because I’m all “I’M COMFORTABLE AND YOU’RE NOT! HAHAHAHA!”

  2. Deedee says:

    Tunics and loose pants…..

  3. Bella Rum says:

    For crying out loud! I’m wiping the tears from my eyes and the snot from my nose. I had to read this one to H. Hysterical!!

    “Makes the wearer look like bottles of digestive aids”

    Really? Did you have to write that? I snorted red wine up my nose. Do you know how long it will be before I feel normal again.

    Jeez, Rootie.

  4. “Doesn’t have to be ironed” is a very big selling point for me.

    Me? I mostly wear jean… that is– when I get out of my PJs 😉

    happy weekend, jj

  5. lexi says:

    omg where can i order this i am looking for it everywhere PlEASE let me kno

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