On Growing old

I’m aging. There’s an upcoming medical procedure that is a result of getting old and I am NOT looking forward to it, but it needs doing.
And…sigh…I guess it comes with getting old, which I never really thought about happening to me but here it is anyway. Arthritis, Lady Parts Problems, that hair that keeps returning to my chin…long and black. What? like a pubic hair, it’s coarse and thankfully there’s only one of them.

I don’t mind getting old, really. I mean, it beats the alternative, right? I have several friends who are older than me and they seem to be handling it ok. It is a little annoying to live in a culture that reveres youth and beauty over age and wisdom, but I am finding as long as you keep a few friends who are aging alongside, it’s not so bad. And I’ve never really felt comfortable in a bikini anyway, so it’s no great loss.

I look to my grandmother when I think of aging. She’s 98 and still kicking. Her doctor (the 5th one she’s had because she keeps outliving them) warns her at every visit that she needs to cut back on the bacon and eggs, and she reminds him that she’s outlived 5 of his kind and will eat what she pleases. I love watching her eat breakfast, 2 over easy eggs, 2 pieces of VERY buttery toast, 3 slices of bacon and 3 sausage patties, 2 cups of coffee. Screw the doctors and cholesterol. She gave up driving about 5 years ago, and moved into Assisted Living. I don’t know if I want to live as long as she has. She told me once recently it was very hard being 98, because all of her friends have died, and she feels very alone now. However, she said, she’ll go when God wants her, and assumes as long as she’s living there’s a reason for her to be here.

And so, I approach aging with as much grace as possible. I don’t resent it, and even get to make fun of certain aspects (like the chin pube). I enjoy watching my children become adults, and getting to witness the kinds of people they are turning into. I am really looking forward to one day having grandkids to spoil.


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One Response to On Growing old

  1. kateburgad says:

    Bahaha! Love the cartoon.

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