Now that *that’s* out of the way….

OK THEN! Auburn won the National Championship (that’s for college football, and we live in the SEC…that’s the SouthEastern Conference…which is like…y’know…Football is LIFE in the SEC well ok maybe not entirely, and probably not at all for me, but since I like living here and don’t want to get stared at I wear the colors and hoot at appropriate moments) so we’lre all done with the festivities and obligations and stuff until…well…for a while. Normal Life can now resume. No parties to plan, no nothing special at all! I kinda like that!

War Eagle! Hoot! (it was an appropriate moment)

Now to get the house in order. There is the upstair Stuff Room. Technically it’s my studio, where the clay and sewing and desk live,but this time of year it’s the “throw the junk in there so I can act like my house is tidy for company” room. Now I have to get it back in order.

And there’s the downstairs Stuff Room. Formerly CJ’s bedroom, intended to turn into a library/office for Terry, but first the flooring needs replacing and I’d much rather do that before we move 4 bookcases and a desk the size of Rhode Island into it. The desk is currently in my studio room. That sounds grand, doesn’t it…Studio…like it’s a big sunny room full of natural light and all artsy and stuff…reality is, it’s a 10×10 little room with one tiny southwest facing window that gets almost no light at all. The walls are Builder’s White and yes, it has some great furniture that Terry’s made, it also has the Desk the Size of Rhode Island.

This means
First, replace the flooring in the downstairs room intended to be Terry’s office.
Then move the bookcases and DtSoRI in there
THEN paint my “studio”
THEN figure out how to make a 10×10 room look like it’s MINE and not just an upstairs afterthought where I throw stuff when company’s coming and I’m too lazy stressed to put stuff away properly. Terry thinks I should paint it a buttery yellow. I’m thinking peach. I have NO idea.

nothing is simple.

What color should I paint my studio with the tiny window? I have a whole bunch of pictures of roses, some photographs,some painting, some needlework, all roses. The furniture is natural oak- a desk and a couple of shelf units. Once Rhode Island has moved to Terry’s office, I may get a daybed or a chaise to go in there, or perhaps a pretty and comfortable chair and table. But first, a color on the walls. Halp!


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4 Responses to Now that *that’s* out of the way….

  1. JerseyChick says:

    We have plenty of leftover hot pink, and purple, from #1’s room… How about 2 colors, using a sponging technique or something? I always think that makes a room look bigger…

  2. SuperBee says:

    I left my walls white in this new place…(that I’ve lived in for four years…holy hell…) and I can’t imagine them any other color. You can paint it a different white from Builder’s White, but I think there’s something delicious and clean about a stark white wall. 🙂

    • rootietoot says:

      I like white as well, but it doesn’t quite work with my particular design aesthetic…I know it looks fabulous in Miami Mid-Century Modern, but I’m more South Georgia O Isn’t That Cute…I really like the color of a blob of homemade butter…like white/cream/yellow.or white during a summer sunset (now I REALLY sound like a designer!)

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