A Very Short list of things I love

ok not things I love, but a particular person I love very much…very short list…

Terry, my husband. Love of my life, he’s 47 today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

25 years ago we decided to get married. He’d had an unhappy Christmas with his then-fiance, and broke up with her, only to come back to Auburn and 2 weeks later ask me to marry him. Being a sensible sort, of course I said yes.

So why did I agree to marry a man who a mere 2 weeks before had been engaged to someone else? Oh, so many reasons, all sensible, because that’s the kind of woman I am.

We loved the same stuff, laughed at the same things, understood each other as well as we understood ourselves, maybe even better.

I wanted him to be happy…his well being was more important to me than my own, and he felt the same way. We still do.

I made him a leopard print shirt (he’d said once he’d always wanted one) and thought his dream of having a big woodworking shop was delightful. I love the smell of sawdust. His then-fiance thought leopard print shirts were stupid and forbade him the shop, because she didn’t want to sweep up sawdust or have tacky homemade furniture. The furniture in our house that gets the most compliments are the pieces he’s made.

He wanted to have a houseful of kids and wife who cooked. I wanted to have a houseful of kids and be a stay-home mom/wife who cooked.

He is creative, I am creative, so we understand each other’s need to create and encourage it.

He’s got great legs. I mean, really, really great legs. As a person with less-than-great legs, I appreciate them when I see them, and I’ve gotten to see them daily for 25 years,and still smile when I see them.

He’s also got amazing hands…big,meaty, warm and dry…fantastic hands that are strong and gentle and never ever cold or damp. Great hands…perfect for holding. (ahem)

I remember the first time a little bell went off in my head about him. I was at my then-boyfriend’s house and the battery had died on my car. The then-boyfriend attempted to jump start my car and wouldn’t listen to my noise about how he’d crossed the cables (being a girl, apparently I didn’t know what I was talking about), and he fused the battery terminals. I was PISSED. Terry showed up about then, and fixed my battery with a nail file, then he used a screwdriver to tune the engine so it ran like…well… like a well tuned engine. That’s when the bell went off…”O!” I thought, “THIS man is COMPETENT.” Competence has always been important to me.

While Terry fixing my car like McGuyver isn’t the only reason I married him, it was the little shove I needed to get away from Battery McFryersons and realize that there actually was a man out there better suited for me.

And here we are, 25 years later, through thick, thicker and a fair amount of thin, probably both thicker and thinner on the horizon but that’s ok. No matter what, I love him,he loves me, and if he’ll live another 47 years or so I’ll be happy with that. so, having said all that:



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6 Responses to A Very Short list of things I love

  1. Fogspinner says:

    Best Birthday post ever!

    Happy Birthday Terry. May you have many leopard print shirts and all the wood you desire…..

    totally not intended to sound so dirty…. 🙂

  2. Wishing Terry a very happy birthday. This was a great tribute. You two are perfect for each other. Have a great year!
    xo jj

  3. Terry says:

    awwww shucks…..

  4. Bella Rum says:

    Happy birthday, Terry, and many more.
    Heartwarming post, Rootie, and I believe every word of it. So nice.

  5. Terry says:


    For those who are interested in the whole story….

  6. Kathy says:

    Awww. I just found your blog and so glad I did. I believe I have your Terry’s twin. While they don’t look alike, my Terry proposed 2 weeks after I asked him out for birthday drinks. (Our Birthdays are a week apart)He was seeing 2 women at the time so I figured it wasn’t serious. We were married 6 months later. That was 29 years ago Jan. 9th. We found great Terrys.

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