A short list of things I love

ok not LOVE love, but love in that “oh thank you for existing” kind of way.

1. The seat warmers in my car. I’ve been having some backpain for the past couple of days, and they have become my good friends. They can be set on a mild “what’s that on my butt?” warm to a near blistering “oh no I forgot these pants have metal studs! Halp!” and not only does the seat warm, but so does the back, and it’s like this huge long heating pad…needless to say, I found many reasons to be in my car today. Also the seats themselves are fabulously comfortable.

2. Those chocolate truffles my sister in law gave CJ for Christmas, and CJ dislikes chocolate so he gave them to me and not only are they delicious they’re so flamin’ rich I have absolutely no temptation to eat more than one a day.

3. TylenolPM. It’s Tylenol. With PM, so knocks out 2 birds with one stone…gets rid of the pain and puts me to sleep. O how I love a sweet antihistamine-induced sleep. Like being wrapped in a warm,soft blanket,not enough dope-ya-up that you can’t deal with a midnight crisis, but enough that when the crisis is over you can drop right off back to sleep.

4.Half sized portions at restaurants. I never eat that huge platter full of food places feel obligated to serve, and some things like the Texas fajita nachoes at ElSombrero just don’t preserve well for a later meal. So for lunch today, CJ and I split a half serving and it was Just Right. For $7, we got the basket of chips,salsa,a platter of nachoes, and 2 drinks.

5.Ziploc bags. I use them for everything. Currently I am sorting a 20 year long collection of Legos…used ta be Legos came in these little bricks in varying lengths,but just little bricks. then they got creative and there must be a billion different shapes and I’m indulging my winter OCD and sorting them by type, function and size. Rather than spending a couple hundred $$ on plastic boxes, I’m sorting them into gallon and quart ziploc bags. Once that’s done, I’ll figure out how many boxes are needed. There’s so many other things you can do with them- pack stuff for traveling, whatever…

6.Biscuit mix. Today I made a chicken pot pie, and used biscuit mix for the stuff on top. Last week it was chicken and dumplin’s, with bisquick dumplins. Throw in some garlic powder, dried parsley and cheddar cheese, and you have cheese biscuits. Pancakes, waffles, shortcakes…grand stuff, biscuit mix,especially when your back’s aching,you want a good meal, but standing there making scratch biscuits just doesn’t seem like the thing to do.

What’s on your short list of things you’re happy they exist?

buncha other stuff but that’s it for now.


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3 Responses to A short list of things I love

  1. Amen on the seat warmers! The only problem is that I get so comfy I feel like dozing off. LOL

  2. JerseyChick says:

    1.Our well pump. I can run the dishwasher and the laundry and flush 2 toilets without disasters.

    2.Modern coffeemakers. I am just gonna kiss God when I get to heaven for that.

    3.Side doors on minivans. Both sides. That lock automatically after the tires rotate a few times.

    4.Facebook. Laptops. Wikipedia. Netflix. Dictionary.com. Mapquest. OfficeMax. Printer/Scanner/Copier.

    Life is good!

  3. Bella Rum says:

    Ziplock bags… YES! I once saw a documentary about inventions and they said that Ziplock bags were one of those outrageously successful inventions – invented for one purpose and when they hit the market, consumers found zillions of ways to use them that the inventors never imagined. A huge success.

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