Back To Normal

Today is the first day of the New Year…really, it is. It’s the first day of back to normal, the holidays are really over, kid is back in school, laundry is going, meals are planned- no more scrounging for junk food in the fridge…NOPE…real meals, planned and balanced. The days are ordered with a happy list, the week as well. I love this normalcy.

I have made a couple of New Years resolutions, all because of the whole Brand New Start thing. I’ve been feebly trying to lose the 50 pounds Dr. Courage fusses about. No more feeble. Math calculations tell me if I lose 1 pound a week, it will be gone by Christmas. 2 pounds a week will make it gone by our 25th anniversary. Doable, yes? Yes indeed. That’s Resolution #1.

#2 involves the exercise Dr. Courage also fussed about. nothing major, no high pressure hours in a gym. “Walk a mile 2 days a week” he said. “You live on a golf course. No excuses.” said he. There’s alsoa very nice walking path in the park across the road from #4’s school. No excuses. I can walk it in 30 minutes, easy. And, it’s sunny today. No excuses.

I have learned the way to keep a resolution is one day at a time. If I do it for today, I can. If I lookat it and go “oh lord, 52 weeks? no way.” then I won’t. But if I do it today, that’s a snap. If I screw up and don’t tomorrow, no big deal, I’ll do it the next day. None of this “Oh I screwed up today I’m a failure this will never work I quit” Just for today, I’ll do it. I did it yesterday and didn’t die! I can do it today!

The biggest one is #3…I will be kinder to myself and other people. I tend to be hard on myself, beating me up for perceived behavioral infractions when no one else sees them. If I can be kinder to myself I can be so to others as well. Before I yell, I’ll ask if it’s really that big of a deal and since it probably isn’t, I won’t get worked up over it.

Do you have a resolution? How do you keep them when you do?


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7 Responses to Back To Normal

  1. Stone Fox says:

    i didn’t really make resolutions this year, but i really like your #3. i think i’m pretty hard on myself when it comes to the expectations that i have of myself. i don’t think i’ve truly learned yet how to just effing CHILLAX once in a while without beating myself up about what isn’t done or how other people do what i do standing on their heads, while i find it so hard sometimes.

  2. JerseyChick says:

    Be a better wife. I like seeing 50 pounds as a pound a week to Christmas, and exercise twice a week- you are gonna do great!

    #1 and I want to start walking for exercise. Maybe I can schedule twice a week….Just because you showed me it can be done.

    • rootietoot says:

      Go for it! One pound a week, eh…that’s half a bagel instead of a whole. One porkchop instead of 2, hold the rice, extra broccoli. I read a thing where if you drink a big glass of water before meals you’ll eat less, and that’s working too. Plus drinking a big glass of water is good for you.

  3. Bella Rum says:

    Great resolutions, especially #3.

    I haven’t made any official resolutions this year, but I do have a couple in the back of my mind.

    I did lose 50 pounds last year and it was easier than I thought it would be once I got in the groove of the whole thing. I actually love eating the way we do now. It’s so much healthier but more importantly, I feel better. I was ready for the holidays to be over so all the extra food would be out of the house.

    I walk two miles about three or four times a week. I’m not fanatical (as good as I should be) about it, but that’s okay. I lost my weight slowly, and I think the key was not trying to do it fast but doing it in a way that I never felt deprived.

    I wish you lots of luck, Rootie, and good health. Believe me, you will feel better – joints, breathing, energy. There are real benefits to losing weight, not the least of which is a new wardrobe. You’ll look fabulous! And that’s worth something.

  4. Bella Rum says:

    Oh, one more thing. If you haven’t already— consider joining Weight Watchers… at least to get started. They have a good program and it’s nice if you can get a buddy to join with you.

    • rootietoot says:

      I’ve thought about it, but don’t want to pay to lose weight…seems counter intuitive. So i’m walking at the free track instead of paying to go to a gym, and eating less food. I am going to keep track of the savings and put that toward a new wardrobe.

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