2010 Wrap Up in a Nutshell

go back through the archives and read the last post of each month. that’s the wrap up.
this week Terry has had the flu,and now I’m getting it, so that’s why the big fat copout on the wrap up.
#4 has been with his grandparents all week and we’re going to drive through the same weather system that caused all the tornadoes to go get him.
I got his room cleaned, as well as the game room (his second room, where all the legos are). He’ll be surprised, and hopefully pleased. he’s sitting on that wobbly line between childhood and adolescence where it’s hard to tell if he’ going to be happy you cleaned up his room, or pissed you messed with his stuff.

anyway…that’ that. Happy New Year y’all.

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I do what I can.
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