still procrastinating

It’s cold outside, I think another cup of hot coffee is required, before getting started.

I need to get dressed, but flannel pants and a fleece hoodie are so comfortable and warm.

I’m hungry, and there’s still 2 sweet rolls left over from Christmas morning. They would be delicious with another cup of hot coffee. I wonder how long it would take to warm them up.

The cat’s on my legs. how am I supposed to get up?

#4’s room is the Goal of the Day. It’s a dump, a trash heap, a mess. A black hole, a supernova of legos and dinosaur parts. I enjoy cleaning up his room, really, it’s just that…y’know…the cat’s on my legs.

The living room is nice and clean. Laundry’s done, there’s chicken in the fridge to make chicken and dumplings for supper. That doesn’t have to be started until around 3 or so. Plenty of time, and maybe the cat will be off my legs by then.

Oh…I’ve got a couple of shows DVRed…probably ought to go ahead and watch those before I get too involved in cleaning #4’s room. One of the shows is Hoarders and that always gets me crackin’ in cleaning mode. So it’s decided.

I’ll move the cat and refill the coffee cup, warm the leftover sweet rolls, and watch Hoarders, before getting dressed and cleaning up.

Sounds like a plan.

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2 Responses to still procrastinating

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    • rootietoot says:

      I approved this comment because I read it after spending 2 days deep cleaning my house, cooking delicious meals for my beloved American husband, and fulfilling a couple of his bedroom fantasies. *AND* entertaining his American parents over Christmas weekend, raising 3 of his 4 American sons to productive adulthood (the 4th isn’t an adult yet), arranging accomodations his American male friends are deeply envious of (namely, an outside Mancave w/large LCD TV and well stocked bar, and a Gameroom with an 8 ft billiards table and video setup). This AMERICAN WOMAN loves her AMERICAN MAN and will do backflips and wear fishnet stockings to keep him happy. So go suck an egg, you sad little man.

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