Fat little white guy

The problem is that every time I turn around there’s abother recipe that looks SO GOOD and I think “OH! I should make that for Christmas Day!” but when is enough enough? I think I’ve reached it but Pillsbury keeps sending things made from rolling stuff up in crescent rolls and I flamin LOVE crescent rolls.

Mom used to make these sweet cookie-ishthings by chopping up pecans really fine, almost like a meal, and mixing them with brown sugar and butter, then spreading it on crescent rolls and roling them up. I’ve had crescent rolls rolled up around little smokies sausages, filled with ground sausage and cheese, or creamcheese and chopped stuff (olives, bell peppers, whatever).

I’m not making anything out of crescent rolls this year. It’s too hard to make enough and even though the dough is already done and Pillsbury is all “EASY PEASY,FOLKS!” it’s just not that simple. I have a whole bunch of crackers and savory biscotti made, stuff that I didn’t send out, plus cheese coins (like cheese straws only round discs instead of long caterpillars). Those will have to do.

I remember as a kid, whenever Mom would make anything Pillsbury from a can, hopeful and wishing the little doughboy would pop our of the can. I always knew THIS TIME he would…but he didn’t and my disappointment was appeased by the delicious cinnamon or orange or crescent rolls. Even today, with all my culinary snobbery and love of homemade, I still have a fondness for those orange rolls, or anything can-poppy.

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1 Response to Fat little white guy

  1. JerseyChick says:

    Wow- reminding me of those orange rolls was dangerous…Wonder how late the stores are open?

    We wrapped crescent rolls around hot dogs -and your right, it’s not easy to get them cooked thoroughly without burning. But, oh, so worth it!
    (Merry Christmas to you and yours!)

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