I thought I made enough…

Yesterday was cold, wet and sloppy. not cold enough for interesting stuff like ice or snow, but enough that additional layers of clothing and a bit of whining was in order. As such, I made chili for supper. See, understand that we’ve gone from a household of 6 (including 3 young men)to one of 3 in just a matter of a couple of years. It has taken me this long to figure out how to cook Just Enough instead of Way Too Much.

So, I made chili, half as much as I’m accustomed to. It was difficult. Even with a stew made mainly from opening cans of tomatoes and beans, I still set out the 2 huge cans of tomatoes and 4 of beans… then looked at them and, in a striking act of unprecidented daring, only opened HALF THE CANS. And I didn’t even die, not once.

So it made this nice pot of chili. Enough for Terry and #4 to each have a bowl and enough left over for a decent 3-person tamale pie on Monday. How Nice!

Then (you knew that was coming or I wouldn’t be writing about it)

David and CJ show up. Unnanounced.


They’re used to me cooking enough for an army,and normally, except for today, I do.

Then they eat all the chili.

and now I’m thinking…best keep cooking for everyone until they all live in a different state.

the good news is,since I only used up half the ingredients, I can still make more and have it for the tamale pie. The bad news is, I have to make it for the tamale pie. The whole point was to be efficient enough and get it all made at once, so all I have to do Monday is make the mush.

Oh well.

And the thing is, I can’t even complain about them showing up because earlier in the day I’d texted David and told him I was making chili, which was a de facto invitation to show up,because normally chili is measured in the gallons around here, with plenty for later *and* for the boys to take some home….but the last few times invitations were extended they were ignored so I figured,it being Saturday Night and them being Young and Single they’d have more exciting plans.

That’s what I get for thinking.

Terry’s recipe for Chili (which is the one I used)

2 pounds ground beef, browned and drained
1-28oz can crushed tomatos
2-14oz cans chili beans (the seasoned ones)
2 packs McCormicks Chili Seasoning (original)
Mix everything together in a pot and simmer until it tastes right.
Top with cheese and serve with Fritos.

Makes enough for 6 normal people or 3.5 Dodds

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3 Responses to I thought I made enough…

  1. Chili is perfect on a cold wet day. I make it all the time and freeze it (minus the beans) so supper next time is easy.

    It’s nice when the kids show up unannounced. I wish I still lived close enough to family to do that.

    Happy cooking Rootie and Merry Christmas! jj

  2. JerseyChick says:

    I’m making chili for dinner. RSVP by 4:30 if you want some.”

    Give ’em hugs for me- they’re great guys, and I like them.

  3. Bella Rum says:

    I’d show up for supper too if someone texted me they were making chili… especially Mom! Good times!

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