Mean nasty no-good probably-doesn’t-even-love-her-kid Mom

Yep, that’s me. I’m a MNNGPDELHKM. Wot? you say?

It’s like this. #4’s school is clear on the other side of town. Now, it’s not like we live in College Park and he goes to a private school in Chamblee and it’s an hour to get there. I get that. This is Statesboro and even if you catch all the red lights to anywhere it’s still only 10 minutes TOPS from where we live on the east side to where the school is all the way on the west…but still, it’s the principle of the thing.

I drive him to and from school every day. There’s no bus, so I have to. In the afternoon, I don’t wait in the car line for him to come out. No, I go in and remind him to write down his assignments, ask him if he has everything he needs, etc. Every day, same thing. “Got all your stuff, got what you need?” and he replies “Yessss Mommmmm” and I go OKEYDOKEYSMOKEY and we go home.

Once in a while, like today, he realizes he forgot something, a science book or a spelling thing or something he needs and he goes into full-on Beggery Mode.
“Oh Mom pleeeeeeese can we go back to the school and get my stuff Pleeeeeease”

and I say
“nope” because you see, as a MMNGPDELHMK, I am under no obligation to get back in the car, use another gallon of gas, and 30 minutes of my time that could be spent playing Solitaire on my computer to make sure my kid, who was instructed to get all his necessary stuff, has all his necessary stuff. Not gonna happen.

Today is worse than normal because he has a spelling test tomorrow and if he doesn’t turn the thing in that says he took a pretest at home, he’ll get a 0 for the spelling homework, and he’s funny like that, not wanting a 0 and all….but I asked him if he had what he needed and he was all Yeeesssss Mommmmmm so I figured he did. *shrug*
Also, the rule is that he can’t get on the computer, watch TV or play a video game until all his homework is done. If, for some reason, he is unable to finish his homework, let’s say HE FORGOT SOMETHING…O well, no electronic entertainment. So Sorry,Cholly.

He spent 15 minutes wailing and beating his breast and breathing chocolate mint fumes in my ear,begging and pleading and offering …oh wait, he didn’t offer anything…no “I’ll rake the patio” or “I’ll give the dogs a bath” in exchange for my 30 minutes and gallon of gas to take him there…just repeated pleading and fumes.

So no, I’m not taking my child back to the school to get a book. He’s a big boy, big enough to do his own laundry and scramble an egg,so he’s big enough to remember a schoolbook.

MNNGPDELHKM. I wear the label with pride.

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2 Responses to Mean nasty no-good probably-doesn’t-even-love-her-kid Mom

  1. I’m with you. That’s how kids learn responsibility and all about consequences.
    High five to YOU Mom.

  2. Bella Rum says:

    “30 minutes of my time that could be spent playing Solitaire on my computer”

    love it!

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