Mmmm y’all oh mmmmm

So it’s the kind of blustery cold Southern winter day. It calls for warm cozy food and comfortable stuff like afghans and a cat in your lap and a dog laying on her back pleading “O pleeeeeze rub mah belly!”

And honestly, I was feeling incredibly uninspired kitchen-wise. Cramps abound, it’s that time of the month. I’ma- gonna bitch-slap Eve one day. It’s her fault.

So dinner on the menu read something about Pizza only I used up all the flour making biscotti for Christmas so alas, no pizza.

I Know! Bacon and eggs! Who doesn’t love bacon and eggs? no one in this house! Only…no bread for toast and frankly right now I can’t be more than 10 feet from a bathroom so maybe Terrycould buy some bread on the way home only I hate to ask him to do that after a long day’s work…OhI know! Cheese grits! Bacon and eggs and cheese grits all in a bowl together is quite possibly the world’s perfect combination. Plus it’s warm and cozy, belly filling and tasty. And of course I didnt’ take any pictures of it.

See, right now is…y’know…That Time Of The Month. Aunt Dot is Visiting. There’s a Communist In The Funhouse. It’s The Moon Hut and the She-wolf or something.
If you’re a woman you know what I mean, if you’re a man go do something masculine. and go away.

Which requires comfort food, warm and filling and soothing and followed up with chocolate. today that is in the form of Hersheys Dark Chocolate kisses and those Hersheys mint Chocolate kisses O yum.

And I’m watching a documentary of William Castle and his cheesy horror films. Which is both interesting and boring at the same time.

So… this is a very disjointed post.
G’ night.


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One Response to Mmmm y’all oh mmmmm

  1. Comfort food is the best!

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