Alas, a cold

Better now that in a couple of weeks tho, eh? Believe it or not, I try to find the bright side of any situation before I search for the worst possible outcome. Friday I started feeling a little puny, that scratch in my throat and a headache in it’s infancy. Hot coffee and tylenol helped keep it to a whine. Saturday however, all the coffee and medicines in the world didn’t help so I spent the entire weekend in bed, hot tea, TV, leftovers for the family except for the 20 minutes that the cold pills actually worked and I was able to put together the world’s most garlicky/peppery/salty/blissfully delicious chicken soup. Which we’ve been eating on since (now it’s tuesday? Yeah. tuesday). I do love a large crock pot. Anyway. Colds follow a familiar progression for me. First, in the head, with headache and sinuses and nose blowing and joint aches and sore throat and misery requiring much pity and coddling. Then the miseries go away and are replaced by a deep, lung-threatening cough and more runny noses and horseness (tho not a sore throat so much. The tonsils came out at 18 and since then, sore throats that used to be made of barbed wire and glass and blow torches are now just a little bit nothing that can be dealt with by hot tea). So now I SOUND awful, but feel fine, other than havin to carry a box of tissues everywhere and it’s best to avoid people because the cough has this unexpected and explosive quality that is alarming to those who don’t live in this house.

I am grateful that it came now, and not later. However now is not the best time either because I am not done with the Christmas Gift baking. I am basically mostly a decent enough sort, and wish to avoid the title of “Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse”* (Pestilence) so I have not done any baking while sick. I am sure the far-flung family will understand and appreciate it, even if their gifts get there late. Hopefully in a day or two all this will pass and it will be safe to resume cooking duties.

*yes,I know I am taking liberties and there’s only 4 Horsemen but if there were a 5th it would surely be Pestilence.

*and when the cold is gone content of this blog will return to it’s usual sparkling commentary but right now, sparkle isn’t happening.

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