Dear God,

I have many things I am grateful for, and some things that make me go “WHAT?!”.

Today, I am thankful for effective cleaning products. For Lysol that disinfects and for that particular variety that is stellar at getting up greasy barf produce by a child who’s stomach virus becomes symptomatic 6 hours after ingesting an enormous bowl of Brunswick stew and a pile of fresh, hot, delicious onion rings. Oh yes, Dear Lord, thank you for lysol, and for bleach and toilet paper and slick porcelain bathroom fixtures and how easy it is to wipe all that down because,bless his heart, the child tried to make it to the toilet but just made it inside the bathroom door and left a splat the size of…well let’s just say it went from the door, across the room, up the side of the toilet, the pedestal on the sink, and the lower half of the side of the tub. Thank You, God, that I had sense enough to choose a house with relatively small 1967 bathrooms, and not the current trend of bathrooms you could put a billiards table in.

Dear Lord, even though I know this whole world is Your creation and you have a reason for everything in it, I am struggling with the concept of stomach viruses and being thankful for them. Instead I will merely acknowledge that they serve a purpose. Perhaps, because he will be home from school today, we will have some quality time together. Perhaps he’ll have the opportunity to make the christmas gifts (non-food) he was wanting to make but hasn’t had the time. I know You know that’s going on,and I will trust that You know what you’re doing but honestly, stomach viruses? Srsly?

So, I will Thank You for whatever it is, for bleaches and disinfectants. For porcelain and paper products. For the chance to spend some time with my son. But not for greasy barf. That’s just gross.


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5 Responses to Dear God,

  1. JerseyChick says:

    Wow. Give him a gentle hug for us, please.

  2. Helix Rugens says:

    Viruses, bacteria and other parasitic infections do serve a purpose – the ones that don’t kill us make us stronger and healthier when they’re gone. Number Four is just as much a Dodd as the rest of us, and that includes a hearty constitution and near-superhuman resilience.

  3. Bella Rum says:

    Only you could make greasy barf funny. Hope he’s feeling better soon.

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