Holiday musings

I hate that word: musings. You see it all the time in blog things…stuff like “random musings of a (insert humble deprecation)housewife/student/whatever. I’m not humble. I know I’m a damn fine cook, a good mother to my kids (they tell me so, thus I believe it), and (mostly) a good wife. I know my shortcomings, and I know my strengths. Anyway…as I’m sitting here, sipping an afternoon cup of coffee and watching the Seminoles kinda sorta play better than the Gators (Go ‘Noles!) several things are passing through my mind. I can’t figure out how to do bullet points but I’m going to try to approximate them. (While I may be a fine cook, I am not skilled with computer stuff (TOUCHDOWN! Go ‘Noles!).

*Do crumbs have calories? They shouldn’t. (stares down into the bottom of the Pringles can)

*Neither should anything eaten standing up or off a wooden spoon. How on Earth am I supposed to taste the creamy sauces or cheesy doughs or chocolaty batters to know if they’re any good? Am I supposed to trust my 11 year old?

*A couple of weeks ago Dr. Courage admonished me to lose some weight and get some exercise. The exercise I can handle. I figure 30-45 minutes of walking on the track across the street from #4’s school ought to do the trick. But the eating thing…maybe if I can keep the weight stable until January, then lose the weight. Just keeping it stable this time of year should be considered a big victory.

*I have found myself worrying less about my kids, and enjoying them more. At (nearly)23, 21 and 19, the older boys are capable of making their own decisions, determining their own destiny, and cooking their own meals. I don’t worry that this one isn’t doing as well in school, or that one isn’t (whatever) or the other one might not be treating his car well. It’s not that I don’t care, it’s more that…well…they’re big boys now. If they want to screw up, they’re the ones that have to live with the consequences.

*hm. My coffee’s gone cold.

*I am actually going to really enjoy the whole Christmas process this year. I don’t know if it’s because my head is in a good place or what. The past few years I have tried to do as little as I thought I could get away with. This year, tho, I had Terry and the boys get ALL the Christmas shi…er…cra…er…STUFF out of the attic, and I’ma gonna do it all. Right down to the fancy-pants garland on the stairs and colored lights in the kitchen.

Ok then. That’s all.


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3 Responses to Holiday musings

  1. JerseyChick says:

    Your house is going to look awesome. I’m happy for you!

  2. Bella Rum says:

    Sounds good. I’m in a better place this Christmas, too. Don’t know why. I’m kind of doing less, though. I’m decorating but I’ve done much less shopping and enjoyed it more. Go figure.

    As for the weight thing. Don’t even think of it till January, and then hit the ground running. You’ll do fine.

  3. I bet your Christmas decorations will be gorgeous and help keep you in the spirit!

    I had the same talk from my doc about losing weight ten months ago and I’ve spent all this time losing and gaining the same 5 pounds. I’m not looking forward to my annual check up. And I’m not going to stop tasking my cooking 🙂

    Cheers, jj

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