*whew* one holiday down, one to go.

Mom and Dad left an hour ago. I got the first Christmas recipe up at Rootie’s Kitchen. it had to get up because if you’re going to fix it that needs to be done now, in order to be ready in time for assorted parties and such. I am going to get them made later today or maybe tomorrow.

Thanksgiving went well. No one cried, so that’s a plus..well OK #4 cried because David and CJ tried to beat him up a couple of times, but that’s just the price you pay for being the youngest. Also #4’s glasses broke because Gramps gets annoyed at crooked glasses and tried to fix them, which annoyed Terry because he’s a big believer in leaving well enough alone and now we have to come up with the money for an eye exam and a new pair of glasses right here at Christmas when we ought to be spending money on Legos and hazelnuts. but other than that, I think everything went ok.

CJ brought his fancy welding helmet and gauntlets to show off, and everyone had to try it one, right down to the 2 -6 year old girly-girls who showed up with glitter all over their faces which confused my boys but I thought was kinda awesome.

The woman I’d asked to bring 4 pies did her usual thing and brought 8, plus an extra person who is a neighbor of theirs and didn’t have anyone to spend the day with, and that was PERFECTLY fine because the neighbor brought a big corn pudding which was one thing I didn’t fix and meshed beautifully with all the other stuff. It was also delicious and she seemed really happy that we’d invited her and I was all “de nada, want to take home some leftovers?”

While I was kind of worried about my personal motives for doing this thing (I want RECOGNITION!) it turned out to be exactly what I’d hoped. A bunch of people sat around and ate food, talked stuff of all sorts, laughed, ate some more, teased my friend about not being able to count (she said “In Ethiopia we go ‘1,2,alot’ because you always know the neighbors will show up if you’re cooking a feast.” There was wine and coffee and small children and big ones. The youngest, a 2 year old little girl, ate quite a bit but was dubious about the pie, so she ate a bowl full of whipped cream instead. The women all wanted to do the same thing but decorum and adulthood prevented us. O to be 2, and to be able to unselfconsiously eat a bowl of whipped cream.

Now Terry is back at work. He has the weekend off but has to go in today. I am trying to decide if pound cakes should be made, if the greens ought to go ahead and be thrown away, as I am positive no one will eat them. Do I want pumpkin pie or dressing with gravy for breakfast? Do I want to vegetate in front of the TV today, or brave the crowd in search of $10 crock pots? So many decisions. none of them life-altering.

How was your Thanksgiving?


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