It’s all about me

See, what I want are anonymous people who won’t identify themselves (which is why they’re called “anonymous”…go figure) yelling at me in ALL CAPS but when your stats say things like “4 people read your blog today” and you are pretty sure you know who they are and that they are polite people unlikely to yell at you, in fact they tend to say things like “what a great recipe” or “gee I hope you feel better soon” and don’t get me wrong, I really like you 4 people and am thankful for your loyalty and all…where was I?

Ok yeah. I want a Fan Base.

No…I want FANS


Except that it seems like te people who have lots of fans followers are some kind of marketing geniuses or something…or maybe they just know how to play the system (i’ve never been good at that) or maybe it’s just plain LUCK.

Maybe I need to offer surprises, like a drawing. But then I’m kinda lousy at drawing and my son who is quite good at it doesn’t like to be exploited so if I asked him to draw something he would make it rude or inscrutable. Then whoever won the drawing would look at it and go “whut?”

So even thought the stats say something like “50 people read your blog today” what it means is that there were 50 people who visited one of the 5 years worth of posts you have up, and when you consider that I have posted nearly every day for those 5 years, that means 50 people have visited some 1500+ posts, and if you break that down, it isn’t very much.

However, all along I have maintained to myself (because I don’t want to start feeling competitive) that the writing is for my own self and if someone reads it and likes what is written, ok fine, if not, ok fine.

What I do know, is that the people who *do* read this are a many varied and peculiar combination, which is delightful. However, should one of you choose to post anonymously and in ALL CAPS and say something kind of derogatory, I’ll totally let it go through moderation and be excited that someone cared enough to shout.


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6 Responses to It’s all about me

  1. Jo says:

    I always read your posts…I don’t always comment; sorry! This is because I usually read your blog when I’m at the office and can’t take time to add a thoughtful and considered comment, I’m afraid.


  2. Michelle says:


    Actually, I agreed with what you said in a previous post: you like the company, and facilitating great conversation and get-togethers. Which is natural! It’s human! Humans are social animals and since we don’t live in true Christian community, surrounded by people that we would be doing for and with, parties and social gatherings fill the void.
    Now, as far as readership, I can give you some general tips on how to increase readership but it’s really a pain. It has a lot to do with hanging out on more popular blogs, commenting (and making sure you can leave breadcrumbs back to your own blog), doing commentary on others blog posts and leaving trackbacks, participating in blogging “carnivals”, and generally making yourself known around the parts of the intertubes that you want your readership to come from. Once you get to a certain point in traffic, then you need to do giveaways and start your own carnivals, which again, is a big pain. You have to be “on” it all the time at first. I won’t even get into search engine optimization and other whoozits of internet geekery. The hardest thing, in my opinion, is deciding on where you want the audience to come from. You like diversity, so you would probably be pretty controversial in certain circles commenting on things that Ren’s crowd likes. Plus you need a theme to what you are doing. Argh. It just makes my head throb thinking about the whole thing.
    Never mind! Ok, back to yelling.


  3. Terry says:

    I am your biggest fan, physically and metaphysically….

  4. JerseyChick says:

    Whhhiirrrr, and other fan noises.

  5. elancee says:

    I’m waaaay late to the party, but I’ve been binge-reading from April 2010 for the last couple of days… *checks browser history* okay, since yesterday (I haven’t been feeling well and share the love of parenthetical statements). A couple of times I’ve been tempted to jump to the present, but keep thinking it may be like watching the newest Castle episode when I hadn’t finished season 2!? However, five years is a lot of reading (not comparable to watching 4 shows on 5 DVDs per year/season). The part that is disturbing about this is I don’t remember what Bing search brought me here (and browser history sheds no light)?!
    Blessings. And I’m glad CJ graduated! =D

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