Where she gets all philosophical

The question of the hour is this: Why am I doing it? Why am I cooking all this food and invited everyone and their neighbors? Am I wanting people to go OH! Peggy! You’re so Wonderful! You are a fantastic cook and O So Amazing! I hope not. Maybe a little? What I want is for a bunch of people to come to my house and enjoy a sit down, conversation, good food, a good time. I want to orchestrate it but not to be the whole orchestra.

A couple of the people coming are excellent conversationalists. They can get a rousing controversy started and keep it all pleasant and sane. Last time they came, one of them got into a big conversation with my father about capitalism and charity and they were able to disagree without throwing forks at each other.

See, my family doesn’t do disagreements. We don’t get into murky territory and risk confrontation. Everyone just agrees with Dad to his face and mutters behind his back. But my friend? Bless her, she disagreed to his face and they talke about it. And Dad didn’t throw anything at her! So I am happy that she’ll be there to keep the pot stirred up. Her brother will be there too, and his wife who is a social worker so sees a side of life the rest of us don’t…perspectives and strong opinions will be in the room and I can’t WAIT.

So maybe it’s not all about Me ME ME. Maybe it’s about an excuse to get a bunch of people in a room together, to talk and laugh and maybe who knows what will come up. I just get to facilitate it. And feed everyone. I like feeding people.

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One Response to Where she gets all philosophical

  1. Bella Rum says:

    It sounds like fun and I know the food will be fantastic. Enjoy

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