Aaaaaand we’re off!

to the races, that is.
Thanksgiving Week, people. It starts today for me. Cleaning, marathon cooking, more cleaning, whip cracking and tongue lashings. Fortunately for the whole entire world, PMS is a week past and won’t show it’s face again until (checks calendar)mid-December which means it will be gone before Christmas. Can I time it or WHAT! yes I can.

I’ve made the list…well 2 of them. I do love me a nice list. So satisfying, so solid and dependable. It’s on a clipboard with a pencil attached, so I can add things and cross them off. Crossing something off a list is like…crossing something off a list. Check. It’s Done. I don’t even have to think about it at all anymore.

The beds are stripped and the guestroom is ready except for making the bed (which the sheets are in the laundry). I’ll put #4 to work cleaning the bathroom later today. He’s got to get the gameroom tidied up as well, because there will be children here for Thanksgiving Dinner with a distinct possibility of installing them all in the gameroom with a movie and snacks so the adults can be adultish. With wine.

The dressing was made yesterday and Terry pronounced it “almost as good as Mama’s” which is very high praise indeed. I will take “almost as good as Mama’s” with pride. It’s in the freezer now. The turkey is in a cooler filled with water to thaw. since it’s a 22 pounder I am expecting it to take a couple of days, and another 24 hours in the smoker. Big arsed turkey. Hopefully leftovers will exist to send home with the boys.

Fortunately, having guests means only having to clean the main floor of the house and the game room. We have a room we can stuff all the crap in and close the door. Every house should have one. Then we’ll deal with it later. No. I am NOT a hoarder. I promise. The crap will get dealt with, it’s just a matter of expediency.

This week is the Kick Off. It’s the Starting Gun. The Flag Waving On-Your-Mark, Get-Set, GO for the whole season. I’ll get the house shiny clean and once everyone leaves Friday, will collapse for the rest of the day and be ready and back on my feet Saturday, to get crackin’ for Christmas. Then a month of cooking something every single day. Crackers, cookies, biscotti, bourbon cakes. Cheese straws and cheese balls and cheese dips. Packaged and mailed to relatives and friends. Happy obligations fulfilled.

One entire day will be spent online, at Ebay and other internet flea-markets, hunting down just the right esoteric “what the hell is that” gift for family members. About 8 years ago I realized the delights of internet shopping for Christmas. I hate malls. I hate crowds. I hate going from store to store with no idea what I’m looking for and winding up getting whatever jumps at me because I’m all overstimulated from the crowds and stuff and just want to get the hell out of there. Online shpping is THE BOMB. I can do it in my jammies at 2am if I want. wiht a cup of coffee and a cat on my feet. I can find a beer hammer for Terry for $5+shipping which still comes to $2 less than what it cost in the store. And it’s delivered TO MY DOOR. I can find a million+1 bread machine recipes to make a book for David, to go with the (ok say what you will, but he’ll love it) regifted bread machine. I have no idea what to give CJ. Right now I think he’ll get a box full of microwavable food and beef jerky. Something will come up. Thing is, right now, they are all employed to a degree that if they want something, they buy it for themselves, so gifting is more all about the thought than the need. Foodstuffs, probably, will be in order. Homemade delicious “make them think about Mom” tasty foods.

Anyway, this week is all about cleaning up the house. Washing the curtains, mopping the floors, wiping things down and making the place look welcoming to the 16 guests coming for dinner on Thursday. Thank you again, Bill and Judy, for the ginormous dining table that will seat us all. Thank you Terry, for making it possible to own a house that will hold a table that will seat 18. Thank You, God, for everything else.

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One Response to Aaaaaand we’re off!

  1. auntbethany says:

    It IS like the start line for the whole holiday season. And, once this week’s done, it will all go by so fast. I don’t know about you, but I’m the kind of person who actually gets excited to clean for holiday guests. Just reminds me of the spirit of the season and what’s to come. Great post!

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