Plotting and planning

Thanksgiving is coming soon, and all the planning that it involves. We’re having guests. Mom and Dad will be coming in Wednesday evening, and for The Big Dinner, all the boys will be here, and 8 friends beyond the family. The friends family live in Chicago, and Ted works with Terry and only has off Thursday (like Terry), so they aren’t going anywhere and I said “look, I’ll cook a humongous turkey and all y’all come over ok? Bring pies.”

So now there is a 22 pound turkey in the freezer. I’m going to smoke that with my very own special orange-honey-ginger glaze.
Terry’s mother’s recipe for dressing, full of chopped onions and chicken and eggs, with sage and plenty of black pepper, will be made a couple of days in advance, frozen, then warmed up in the grill. I’ve done it before, it works like a champ as a spare oven.
Green bean casserole, only not the stuff made with the canned soup, but my own version, made with heavy cream and shiitake mushrooms.
Collard greens, slow cooked with a hot pepper
Sweet potatoes, sliced thin and layered with thin sliced granny smith apples and brown sugar. no marshmallows, thank you.
Fresh cranberries, cooked slow in orange juice with some sugar
and hot yeast rolls, butter, jugs of iced tea, chilled white wine for the adults
and however many pies the friends want to bring. She said she’ll bring 4, but I know her and she’ll probably bring 6 or 7 and maybe a cake as

When we eat will depend on Will’s work schedule. If he goes in at 3, we’ll eat at 1. If he works the early shift, we’ll eat later, maybe 6. I’m hoping for earlier.

And then…kickoff to Christmas. I’ve kind of started planning, but not really. I probably should have made the bourbon cakes already, but they’ll be ok.


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7 Responses to Plotting and planning

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Could you flesh out that potato and apple recipe please.
    Think it’s one of the things you’re making I might be able to manage.

    • rootietoot says:

      Sure! It’s SUPER easy
      sweet potatoes, peeled and sliced thin
      for each sweet potato, a small granny smith apple, peeled and sliced thin
      layer the potatoes and apples in a casserole dish or a crock pot. Toss together brown sugar (1 tablespoon per potato), cinnamon, ground ginger (1/8 tablespoon per potato), a dash of salt (per potato) and sprinkle that in amongst the potatoes and apples. Dot with butter (say, a tablespoon per potato). Add a little bit of water (kind of pour it down the side so you don’t disrupt the stuff)- maybe a tablespoon per potato- if you’re using a crock pot. Put the lid on it and bake at whatever temperature you’re cooking everything else in the oven until it’s all soft. At 350 it should take an hour.
      In a crock pot, figure 2 hours on high or 4 hours on low. I’m making it in the crock pot because the oven will be full of other stuff.

  2. That is one awesome sounding Thanksgiving dinner you’ve got planned!
    Bon Appetite! jj

  3. Bro. Scott says:

    At the Thomasville, GA Farmer’s Market there’s a restaurant that serves up good southern steam-table cooking. 5 different kinds of greens (collard, turnip, beet, spinach, mustard), fried chicken, pork chops, fish, etc.

    Their sweet potato casserole was topped with coconut. Yum.

    • rootietoot says:

      I’ve heard rumors of sweet potatoes topped with coconut. It sounds intriguing. It was hard enough to get the Bourgoisie to agree to the sweet potatoes and apples (it helped that The Arbiter of Thanksgiving Cooking and All Things Southern did it first…that being my mother in law). I think to introduce coconut into the mix would cause a implosion and possible uprising. I may slip it in later.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks. Thinking this will be a nice change from my regular sweet potatoes at Christmas.

    • rootietoot says:

      The first time I fixed this there were wails and gnashing of teeth “Where’s the marshmallows! I didn’t see you open a can! Woe! Woe!” But there weren’t any leftovers, either.

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