Sunday Morning Quiet

It’s chilly and sunny and blissfully peaceful. Terry is asleep. He goes back on day shift tomorrow. The original plan was that he’d work nights until Thanksgiving, then have of that weekend to get his body clock reset to days. He had things to do with the night shift people, training and such, but apparently Day Shift is faltering without him (or something…maybe his Infernal Boss ~ptui!~ is just wanting to jerk him around, the same way he did when putting Terry on nights) so they are bringing him back tomorrow. At least they had to decency to give him the weekend off to get turned back around. So he sleeps. Yesterday was spent poking him on an hourly basis to keep him awake, at least until the ball game started.

This morning, all seems to be well. No calls from elder sons with crises. This is good. All dogs are accounted for and burrowed under blankets. The cats are doing whatever myserious things cats do when you aren’t looking. Everyone is still asleep except me, and I am fine with that. The hormone storms of earlier have passed and I am finally content again. Never underrate contentment. Happiness is nice, but joy and peace is found in contentment. You can find it in simple places, like a bowl of hot grits, and the love of some family and friends.

I have been thinking hard about Christmas, looking for interesting recipes to make as gifts. I don’t get into big elaborate gifts for people. I don’t like to spend alot of money for 2 reasons:
1. I don’t have alot of money to spend and refuse to go into debt for it. and
2. I don’t want to give someone a gift they’d go “why did she give me that?”
What I really LOVE doing is cooking things. About oh…20 years ago, I started making biscotti. I’d found a few recipes in a Gourmet magazine, and decided to try them. They’re easy to make and delicious and apparently people love them. Plus, you could get them at a coffee shop for $2 a cookie, but why? when it costs no more to make them than it costs to make a batch of Toll House cookies? And they’re fancy! So anyway, I started making them, and I’d make 4 or 5 different kinds, and give as gifts to family and friends. Everyone kind of raved and the idea that a gift of food, something people could eat and enjoy and they wouldn’t think “oh great what do I do with that *now*?” seemd like a good one. So for years that’s what I did. Occasionally I’d enhance the experience with a bourbon soaked pound cake and some cheese coins. Last year I made crackers- all kinds of fancy homemade crackers and they were were well received but people said “what, no biscotti?” so this year I’ll make biscotti again. The menfolk kinda loved the cheese coins (they’re quite spicy) and bourbon cakes (they’re quite…um…alcoholic) and the women all requested dark chocolate dipped biscottis, so that’s where it’s going.

Also, for the past few years I didn’t do much toward decorating the house. I just didn’t see the point because no one ever said anything about it. There was a Christmas tree and the collection of 30-ish Santa mugs got put out, but that was it. No garland on the stairs, no lights all around the house….none of that stuff. However, earlier this month #4 said “how come youdidn’t decorate the house last year? I’ll help you if you want me to. I want to see all the stuff out”. And, since my annual depression came early and is gone…(How about that!) I am definitely feeling it more. So, garland with lights on the stairs, colored lights in the kitchen all around. The crazy vintage ceramic tree- you know the kind Aunt Mary Jane made with the little plastic lights and you stick a lightbulb under it? We all have one, we loved it as a kid and thought it was tacky as hell as a young adult but now we love it again? Yeah that one. I’ve got to figure out where to put it this year, but it’s definitely going up. A big bow on the mailbox, a wreath on the door, maybe even some lights on the patio. #4 made an adorable Christmas tree (lights and all! Even gifts!) out of legos for his room. We may put a Charlie Brown tree in the gameroom for him…he loves this sort of stuff. Even the older boys have talked about decorating their places. That kind of surprised me, but then it didn’t, because they all love the Christmas Thing.

Can you tell I am looking forward to all this? I am, oh yes. But first we have to get past Thanksgiving, and maybe David’s birthday. When he lived at home we always waited until after his birthday (November 30) to decorate, but now that he’s not living here, do we still have to do that? Don’t know yet. Maybe we’ll put some of the stuff out and wait until that weekend to put up the tree. We’ll see. But Thanksgiving must be done first. I have standards.


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2 Responses to Sunday Morning Quiet

  1. JerseyChick says:

    Addressed all the cards for folks at church this afternoon= traditionally we hand them out at the Christmas Dinner (December 12th this year). Now it’s 35 cards to relatives, buying Christmas-y stamps, and getting them in the mail on Black Friday. Also, getting pecans in the mail to Mom, who will be making Sand Tarts with pecan decorations on Black Friday. The Season has begun.

  2. I’m a “Thanksgiving Comes First” girl (ahem – my Halloween decorations are still up – oophs) but I love reading recipes for holiday meals and baking. That always gets me in the spirit.
    Cheers, jj

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