Better now.

Yesterday’s whinefest was a hormonally related event. That Time o Th’ Month, doncha know. Some months it’s worse than others. This time was kinda doozy thanks to the upheaval of Terry’s work schedule and all. Plus it’s upcoming on Thanksgiving which, as much as I love it, it’s stressful. Anyway, I am better now. Onward and upward, further in and further up.

The School Science Fair is DONE and DONE. Yesterday was the presentation, and I have to say that I am wildly impressed with the quality of exhibits. One 6th grade girl evaulated the antibacterial properties of dog drool, with agar bacterial cultures and all. Another one tested 20 common foods for monosaccharides, one of the 8th graders (I didn’t get a good look at her project) tested the bioluminescent properties of Luminol (CSI Clue Spray) on various…hm…Biologicals (spit, blood, urine and sweat) and in different wavelength lights. These are MIDDLE SCHOOL KIDS! I knew the expectations that this school were high, but holy mackeral! Even tho Eli didn’t win (didn’t really expect him to, after seeing the dog drool project), he did well and I am proud of his efforts. his teacher really liked what he did, her being a Chemist and all. There was not really a single lame project in the bunch- 35 total. The overall winner made a cannon that shot ball bearings, and he calculated distance and trajectory based on the weight of the balls, and the asimuth of the cannon. I don’t remember his hypothesis, but everyone loved the cannon. Naturally.

Anyway, today sees a return to my typically partly-cloudy temperment, with a taking of CJ to Savannah to see a dentist, lunch afterward, and it being Friday and all, so tonight I can freely indulge in an indulgence involving strong drink and loud movies. Eli is now old enough, while he can’t drive, he can run across the street and get The Marine if I fall down and break my neck. I do not intend to indulge until I lose my faculties, just enough until I think 3rd shift is funny.


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