Here it is, Tuesday again….

I can’t remember ever a time when Tuesday was something exceptional.

Mondays are delightful. It’s when I clean up from the weekend, do laundry, dust, that sort of thing. By the end of Monday I am tired and happy because the house is all cleaned up and I can focus on the rest of the week without having to think about the dust bunnies barking at me. Except for now, because Terry’s on 3rd shift and I can’t vacuum but I will figure out how to deal with that later.

Wednesdays are fun. I go to Harvey’s and buy whatever meat is marked down, and plan the menus for the next 7 days. At noon there is Prayer Group and a meeting with 5 or 6 other ladies. We discuss our lives, issues and problems, then pray for each other. Then go to lunch and talk about sex. Or I’ll stay at Peach’s house and we’ll talk children’s fashion. Or something. Wednesday always holds something interesting.

Thursday is my planned Day Off. After taking #4 to school and buying groceries from yesterday’s planning, DVDs, popcorn, hot tea, maybe a Subway for lunch, and some time in the kitchen making something special for supper.

Friday is FRIDAY. Y’know…FRIDAY! Something fun for supper like pizza or tacos, maybe a movie of #4’s choice…chilling out begins and carries into the weekend.

But Tuesday? What the heck is a Tuesday? It’s just Monday’s stepchild. Oh, I try to love a Tuesday. Sometimes (like today) there is a little spillover from Monday left to be done (the floors are a mess but I can’t vacuum because Terry’s asleep and sweeping doesn’t do the job well enough to mop). It’s too early in the week to feel good about watching TV all day, and I am not used to doing artsy stuff (it’s time to get cranking on Christmas angels for teachers) on a Tuesday…Heaven forbid I deviate from my schedule of the past 20 years, something BAD might happen. I mean, it probably won’t but it might and I would hate to be responsible for that by doing something unscheduled on a Tuesday.

So there it is. A Tuesday. Just sitting there like a toadstool waiting to be kicked. Typically I would turn the music up loud and do some cleaning project that is outside the normal cleaning. Wash and bleach the dog crate, or rearrange the sideboard and get all the piles of stuff put away. Maybe get the books back in order. But, Terry is on third shift and is asleep, so loud music is out. iPod and headphones? I always catch the cords and yank the ear things out. That’s annoying. Maybe I will go to my “studio” and do some clay stuff. I don’t know. It’s Tuesday and I am having issues with making decisions at the moment.

OH! I just figured out something to do! We’re going to have 10 guests for Thanksgiving dinner, so I reckon its time to sit down and make up a menu and shopping list! Yay! A goal for the day! Thank you, Bill and Judy, for giving us a dining table that seats 18. Thank you, Grandmother, for the 18 place settings of silver. I wonder if the church will let us borrow some chairs. OO! A thing to do today! Awesomeness!


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2 Responses to Here it is, Tuesday again….

  1. JerseyChick says:

    Maybe, until SD is back on Normal Time, Tuesday could be when you go visit Willow Pond…

    • rootietoot says:

      Well, when I take a dog with me, the other dogs make alot of discontented noises about not being taken along as well, but taking 3 of them is out of the question. Normally it wouldn’t matter because no one would be here to witness the noise, but alas…

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