It’s relative, but I call it COLD

It never got over 60 today, and with the stiff breeze, a sweater, thick socks and a windbreaker were definitely called for. And (O Joy!) a fire in the fire pit! #4 has to learn how to lay a fire to earn his Tenderfoot rank in scouts, so I showed him how, then disassembled it and had him lay it while I watched. Even now, Terry is on his way home from work with hot dogs so we can roast them on this fire, so carefully laid by #4.

There’s plenty of wood. The backyard oak tree shed some big branches this summer, so I cut them into small logs, and there’s a big ol’ bag of mesquite chunks (how I love the smell of a mesquite fire!) meant for smoking, but the smoker has gone to live with someone who will appreciate it more, and I ‘forgot’ to include the wood chunks.

You know what else makes a great smelling fire? Fruit woods. I need to locate someone with a peach orchard, and get some limbs after pruning season. Pecan is nice too. And plum. They all make a sweet, aromatic smoke that makes for a warm and cozy fire.

I love a fire when it’s cold. I love a fire any time of year but there’s something special about those first few fires of the Winter (ok fine I know technically Winter starts sometime in December but if it’s cold I call it winter.), the ones where you melt the soles of your shoes and burn some food. hm. I wonder if Terry will think to buy some Hersheys chocolate so we can make S’Mores. I hate S’mores. They’re too sweet for my taste, but #4 is 11 and thinks they’re “Tha Bomb Diggety, Mom” Whatever that means. I do like a toasted marshmallow and with that bottle of Bailey’s we might just have a dessert plan forming.

Now, I have friends who live places where it really *is* cold. It’s what Terry calls “Cold Dammit”. Places such as Sasketchewan, Canada and Alberta, Canada and Fargo, North Dakota. They think I’m a wimp. Well, when they experience a South Georgia summer, the kind that lasts from May until October with temperatures over 100 and humidity you could spread on a biscuit, and do it without whining, I’ll accept their accusations. I freely admit that I do not want to live somewhere that you can pee outside and it hits the ground in a sold chunk, or where weathermen say things like “5 minute frostbite warning”.

We had the first snow #4 had ever seen just last year. He was very excited for about 10 minutes, then came inside complaining “Mom! It’s too cold!” I called him something derogatory and sent him back out so I could take pictures of him making snow angels and a little snow-dwarf. The funny thing about snow in this region is how it causes the town to completely SHUT DOWN. Businesses close, schools close, hospitals gear up for all sorts of car accident scenarios. Men cheer because it gives them a legitimate opportunity to show off their 4-wheel driving prowess as they pull goobers out of ditches. Grocery stores run out of supplies like milk, bread and Dinty Moore Beef Stew. Y’never know how long tis sort of thing will last and no one wants to get caught without Dinty Moore! Of course, it lasted about 8 hours. It started snowing about 4 am, and by noon had stopped and the tempurature was up to 45. However, it was long enough and deep enough (about 3 inches) for some frantic snow activities to be performed. Unfortunately there is only one hill in Bulloch County, and it happens tobe on the golf course in our back yard, so every single person under 20 was whooping it up, sliding on cookie sheets and waxed boxes pilfered from the produce market. I wish I could say the dogs were going nuts barking at them, but they were inside, annoyed at the snow, for it made their feet wet.

Daisy disapproves

So anyway, I am taking advantage of the (relative) cold, and enjoying the chance for a Saturday evening with my family, a crackling fire, and some Hebrew National hotdogs. And Bailey’s with marshmallows. O yes.


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