Stormy weather…

It happens every year. you’d think by now, after 45 years of it, I would anticipate and be prepared, right? phpht…fie on being prepared.

It’s the Winter Weather cold fronts. You know, the type of systems that get a body’s atmospheric prediction system cranking up and in full Whine Mode. O yes, I am talking about that arthritic prediction system.

Now, for 42 of those 45 years, it was the hip. It was the primary prediction system. I could tell several days in advance when something meteorological wsa fixing to happen. Now, no more. (Thank You God, for giving someone the brains to figure out how to replace hips! I love You for that!). The hip, she’s fine, pain free and lovely!

However…(you knew that was coming, eh)

There’s other parts, parts that have received much use over the years and are bothering this 45 year old body, causing whining and wishes for a hot tub and electric gloves and the like.O yes.

The hell of it is, I am 45, not 95. Even my 98 year old grandmother doesn’t ache like this, or if she does, she’s gracious enough to not whine about it.
Bah. So, today, instead of whining…ok fine I already did, but instead of continually whining, I am going to make a short list of Pretty Good Stuff to focus on.

1. Peaches and I are getting together to chew on clothing ideas. We investigated the competition yesterday, and determined that our ideas are indeed unique and likely to appeal to the target market (being mothers who are willing to spend $100 on a pair of pants for little Analyn Grace). I pillaged her box of antique laces and came up with some ideas for tops, and she replaced some ruffles with pleats and tucks, at my suggestion, and agreed that they were an improvement.

2.A friend is going to swap a painting of hers for an angel of mine made to represent her daughter. Yay! I love art! She is a very talented artist along the lines of skilled folk-art, and I love that sort of thing, especially when I know the person who painted it.

3. So far there have been no screw ups with our banking, via the changeover from Wachovia to Wells-Fargo. Others have not been so lucky, a friend had her house payment drafted 4 days early, resulting in a $500 overdraft. She’s pissed and I don’t blame her. We, however, have had no issues. So far.

4.Coffee is good. It’s hot, which feels marvelous to hold a hot mug. It tastes good. It helps me wake up in the morning. I love coffee.

5. A fast and tasty breakfast for the menfolk: a can of biscuits (the small ones that come 10 to a can) and a box of Banquet Maple Sausage links (the precooked kind…98 cents a box, also 10 to a box, how fortuitous!). Wrap the biscuits around the sausages and bake at 400 degrees for 18 minutes. Pig-in-a-pokes, shortened to Pigs around here, as in “What’s for breakfast, Mom?” “Pigs.” “Yum!” You know what else is cool? A can of biscuits runs about 50 cents, and with the sausages, you get a breakfast for 2 for $1.50. I reckon you could scramble some eggs and feed 3 or 4 if you wanted to. but I make pigs on days when I am feeling lazy and don’t want to grubby up a frying pan. Like today.

6. Crock pots. A friend relies on hers, as she is extremely busy and very organized. I use mine on days when I am not feeling well or, will be out of the house all day (like today). Peaches and I are getting back together to ponder fabrics and discuss design type stuff. I hijacked a 1920’s dress from Mom (a museum piece) that has some amazing design elements that would translate well into funky children’s clothes… and we are going to discuss it. Peaches has to work on a day gown for someone, but we can talk and I can draw while she sews. I also want to pilfer her lace box some more.

There. Good things going on. Modern medicine has invented Arthritis Strength Tylenol, which with a hot cup of coffee dulls the grinding joints to a muffled bark. Sometimes in past history a woman complained about having to heat water on a fire and carry it around the house, so in order to stop her constant moaning, a man invented a hot water heater and indoor plumbing, and I am grateful for that. #4 is old enough to pack his own lunch now, more gratitude! See, even when things aren’t O So Perfect, they are still pretty good, all in all.

What are you feeling grateful for today?


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