Maybe it’s time

to close the windows at night, that is. It’s 43 this morning, and windows are open all over the house. I love hearing the birds as we wake up, and feeling the cool breeze, but 43 is closer to the 30’s than it is to the 50’s and really 60’s is more like Open Window temp.

not our bed, but could be

Terry’s kind of hot-natured. Sleeping with him is like having your own personal really large hot water jug in the bed (among other things) so I rarely get cold at night. However, last nigh(at 43 with an open window right there) definitely required more than a large, warm man so I had a quilt and a light blanket, and that makes for awkward bed making because I also really like a neat, visually pleasing sort of bed, even at night when no one sees it. He likes nothing on the bed, no sheets, nothing, so here I am on my side, with all this linenery piled up and there he is on his side with nothing and we also tend to sleep >right next< to each other, not like on a king sized bed where he's over in Candler County and I'm practically in Screven County with this big ol' Bulloch County gap between.

We try the king sized bed from time to time, when staying in hotels, and both of us wind up spending the night looking for the other one, wandering from county to county in our sleep, missing the warm body.

From early May to October is spent with the house closed up tightly, storm windows and regular window closed, curtains on the west side of the house closed to ward off the sun, everything we can do to keep the inside in and the blistering heat and humidity of the outside *out*. I reall kind of despise air conditioning. It’s sort of noisy, and just not fresh. Fresh air is good. Stale air is bad.There’s no in between. 5 months of the year involve stale air. Winters here are mild enough that even when there’s frost in the morning, by afternoon it’s warm enough to open the windows and air out the house. October to April means open windows nearly every day, fresh air.

Last night, tho, got kind of chilly. This morning has me wrapped in a thick robe, with a wool shawl across my legs, laptop warming my thighs, hot cup of coffee, glaring occasionally over at the open window. Maybe it’s time to close them at night.


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