On Velour track suits and crab stew

It’s chilly this morning!

Which requires some shuffling around of the closet, which results in the rediscovery of cool-weather clothes, and my attention span is so short it’s almost like getting a whole wardrobe of new things! “Oh, I completely forgot about that sweater/shirt/cheesy hot pink velour sweatsuit only a Tourist would wear!

But it’s soft and warm, that cheesy hot pink velour sweatsuit. I don’t care if I look like a bottle of Pepto Bismol.

Not me, but could be, if I were taller, thinner, and Indian.

It’s turning into Soup Weather. Do you loves soups? I do. Any kind really, as long as oysters aren’t involved. Terry loves oyster stew, and I will probably make some for him this winter. I’ve made it 2 or 3 times in our 24 year marriage and he says it’s really good. I wouldn’t know. A bowl full of creamed boogers just isn’t appealing, for some reason.

oooo tasteee.

However, he loves them and I like to do what I can to keep him happy. Last time I made it the oysters were labeled as “small” on the can but were as big as…hm…well…they were BIG. 2-bite sized. This next time I’ll look for “itty-bitty”.
Even tho I cannot stand oysters, I LOVE clam chowder, and what’s the difference? Oysters are practically clams but I think it’s because you eat the WHOLE THING with oysters, and with clams you just eat that muscle bit. Oh well.

There’s also Paula Deen’s Crab Stew. Around these parts (Low Country) Crab Stew is the thing, and every seafood place has their own version. The Flying Fish right there at the bridge before you go onto Tybee Island has a thin kind of milky stew, with lotsa crab meat, but it’s thin, and also delicious. Ms. Deens at her Lady and Sons restaurant in downtown Savannah serves up a THICK stew that’s like pure-T cream with some sherry and pepper and it’s actually been reduced to it’s even THICKER and RICHER and also slam full of crab meat. You can get a cup or a bowl and I am mightly glad I got the cup because it was like eating a stick of butter. Only cream, not butter…with crab meat. RICH. Delicious, O yea, no doubt…but RICH.
I looked for the recipe online (it’s in one of her cookbooks, and is the reason I bought the cookbook in the first place) and the only one I could find is for the Quick Crab Stew which is TOTALLY NOT IT and not nearly as good. It calls for canned cream of buncha-stuff soups and I made it once and it is NOT THE SAME DON’T BE FOOLED. I would probably be violating copyright laws if I published it an since I live right up the road from Savannah and am not interested in having The Deen Boys TP my yard, I am not going to publish it here. OK yes, Paula Deen is hokey as all git-out, but the crab stew is worth the entire $30+ it takes to make a pot full.

Now my mouth is watering and I want some thick, rich chowder of some sort. Creamy and full of something from the sea. I think, in an uncharacteristic gesture of love and generosity, I’ll fix Terry a pot of oyster stew *before* making a pot of crab stew.

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