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I finally got a really good night’s sleep last night. Today I feel really good, we might have company for dinner (YAY!) and I have a tasty meal planned, company or not. Chicken Spanaki (chicken breasts stuffed with spinach and feta cheese), brown rice, and a green salad.

It’s Thursday, which means Buy Groceries (check), a bagel and coffee from Dunkin Donuts (check) and the rest of the day off (workin’ on it!). unfortunately I was late getting the last netflix dvd sent back so I don’t have a new one for today, and nothing new in recorded on the DVR so I’ll have to either read or watch something with commercials.

Yesterday was spent figuring out the dainty and ladylike CHAINSAW (Rawr!) and butchering a ligustrum that was threatening to overtake the corner of the house. Most satisfying. Now there’s heaps of greenery in the yard. I wonder if Terry will let me borrow his truck for the weekend to tote it all to the dump, since it’s his weekend to work. Next up, all that overgrown shrubbery on the east side of the house, including the wisteria that seems to be attempting to overtake the entire wall. I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to do it myself, or hire someone. It’s a HUGE mess, and the septic tank is right there so bringing in a truck to pile it all is not possible.

#4 has the Science Fair Project well underway. He is going to make (from scratch) 4 types of soap and test to see which one is best at removing a red wine stain from a piece of carpet. He wants to be a chemist one day, and Terry has been busy explaining to him the various properties of sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, and why some fats are liquid and some are solid. #4 is kinda loving it, and totally catching on. So now there’s a box full of ingredients and this weekend, he and I will MAKE SOAP.

CJ has plans for us (him and me) to go to a local apartment complex and find a place to live. He has enough saved up for deposits, and Saturday we’ll hit the local Habitat ReStore for some furniture and dishes. Ideally, he’d like to move in with David…and David’s stoner roommate seems to have moved in with his girlfirend, but nothing is definite, so CJ may end up getting a place NOT with David. Which is fine. Unless the UnKnown Roomate he’d end up with doesn’t understand CJ’s dense schedule (like David does) and leads CJ (who is kind of leadable) into a difficult situation.

More cookery tutorials planned. I’ve done broth, cornbread and roasted chicken. Next up will be biscuits and then, just in time for Thanksgiving, how to take broth, cornbread, roasted chicken and biscuits and combine them all to make delicious Chicken Dressing like my mother in law makes which is quite possibly The World’s Perfect Food. I mean it…it is flamin’ AMAZING and whenever they come for Thanksgiving she always brings 2 pans of it- one for dinner and one for the freezer and that makes us all very happy.

I’ve always prayed for my kids. Quietly and privately. Whenever I thought they needed it and every morning and evening. When #4 would get on the bus for the last 5 years I would pray for him as he ran across the yard to get on. Now that he’s at a different school and not riding a bus, he and I pray together before we get there. Mostly I ask for God to give him wisdom and patience and to guide him through the day so he can complete his work and learn well. This morning, after we prayed he said “Mom! I think the prayers are working because it is getting easier and easier for me to finish my work on time, and I don’t get as frustrated when I don’t understand something!” So we talked a bit about praying, how God likes it when we talk to Him, and how He wants us to grow closer in relationship with Him. #4 said he reckoned God would answer prayers however He saw fit, even if it wasn’t exactly what we were wanting, He’d give us what we needed. Yep…

So anyway, it’s cooling off and feeling like Fall. Hobby Lobby has all the Christmas stuff out and I was pondering about how I’ll feel like decorating this year. Some years I’ll go all-out, with the greenery on the staircase and over the doors, little colored lights in the kitchen ,all that. Some years I put a tree in the corner of the office and that’s all. So we’ll see…maybe I’ll go to Hobby Lobby and get some inspiration.

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2 Responses to bits and pieces

  1. Bella Rum says:

    You inspired me to Google a recipe for Chicken Spanaki. I found Bobby Flay’s.

    I remember when my son entered a project in the science fair. His was about erosion.

    We’ve removed about four or five truckloads of vegetation from our front yard. H’s truck knows the way to the dump by itself. He limbed up a bunch of trees and trimmed a few shrubs. What a difference.

    • rootietoot says:

      Bobby Flay’s is the recipe I used- it was Highly Approved by the menfolk. The recipe made about twice the stuffing needed, so I ut what was left in a loaf pan and baked it. It was delicious on french bread. I am thinking it would make a great dip/spread along the lines of Spinach Dip.

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