More on the Christmas List

So Terry read the post about Christmas List. He started rattling off a bunch a stuff he thinks I’d like.

Him:”hey you were looking at that D-90 at Best Buy, how about one of those with a telephoto lens?”
Me: “Squawk!” (oh, with the lens it’s only like…$1700) “Do you know how GUILTY I’d feel if you spent that kind of money on me?” (Ooo he’d really consider that? Ooo)

Then it was, after listening to me curse,
Him: “I think you need a new laptop. That one is barely hanging on.”
Me: “oh it’s fine, it just needs careful handling.” (one of the hinges is broken, and even after Tech Support David fiddled with it, it still has the disconcerting tendency to shut down for no discernable reason) then (he’d do that?)
Him: “you want one of those humongous one with the full size keyboard and enormous monitor, how about a real mouse and a set up in your chair for a mousepad, too?”

Then it was
Him: “you need a new smoker. I miss your smoked chickens.”
Me: Yes, yes I do. Lowes has those barrel smokers for $50, and the electric ones are not much more.”
(whew! That is something I could feel good about.)

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One Response to More on the Christmas List

  1. JerseyChick says:

    Wuv…Twue wuv…a dweam within a dweam.. what a great guy!

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