i’m hungry

Breakfast was early and small. Lunch was a wholly unsatifsying (yet nutritionally happy-making) bowl full of chopped raw vegetables splashed with red wine vinegar, and now my mouth and mind is demanding protein and flavor and complex carbohydrates. Fortunately I am in a situation that permits such things. Dinner tonight is a whole roasted chicken, smeared with dijon mustard and sprinkled with dried tarragon, with more tarragon stuffed in the body cavity. Tarragon and chicken are a delightful and underrepresented combination in the world of American Food. The chicken is roasting on a rack set over an oven proof skillet, to catch the drippings and allow the bird to get deliciously crispy all over. The drippings will, with the addition of cream, flour and some salt and pepper, become a delicious gravy to pour on the mashed potatoes, which are simmering on the stove. Ok they aren’t mashed yet, but the potatoes are cooking and will eventually be mashed with hot milk, butter and salt and pepper. There is a crisp green salad of baby spinach leaves, chopped romaine and the last of the summer tomatoes. I’ll probably cheat on the dressing and put some bottled store bought stuff on the table.

and now I’m hungry. The chicken smells delightful and I can hear it sizzling in the oven. I like to cook them really hot- like 450 degrees- because it makes for an amazing crispy skin and cooking so hot keeps the breast meat from drying out. It’s also fast- 15 minutes per pound, roughly.

the stomach, she grumbles. The husband, he calls and announces his impending arrival home. The boy, he grumbles, also hungry.


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