Couldn’t have asked for better

Terry is taking a long weekend! And he’s turning off his phone! Woot! He took yesterday, has today and all weekend, no work, Bobby has said he’d run interference so if there’s Issues at work Terry won’t be called.

Yesterday we went to Savannah to get wood. He’s building an entertainment center/cabinet for his Mancave. Yes, he has a Mancave. It’s a metal pole barn in the back yard, big enough to park a car in but we don’t. Instead, he has a couple of rocking chairs, tables, and a Set Up with TV, small beer fridge, and now, a surround sound system and Dish Network with Siruis Satellite Radio so he can listen to music whilst building things! 14-16 hour work days, 6-7 days a week all last year…he deserves it.

So now he’s happily making piles of sawdust, humming to ’80’s on 8 kind of dancing around the sawhorse, laying things out and building himself a New and Better cabinet for the TV, DVD thing, beer fridge, all that. He’s gonna paint it navy blue, and I’m-a gonna get a couple of big Auburn University stickers to put on the doors, because most everyone he ever has over to watch games out there are Georgia graduates and tho Terry is really a nice guy about everything he likes to…y’know…be obnoxious a little, sometimes. It’s ok. Those Ga people like to give our kids UGA stuff, so it balances out.

It has been a long, long time since I have seen Terry so content, just building something. The weather…could not have ordered better if we’d tried. It’s 65, sunny, no clouds anywhere within 2000 miles. A breeze, dry air…and it’s supposed to be a blistering 80 by mid-day. And 55 at night…can you say “windows open, extra blanket on the bed”?

Tonight will involve one of his favorite meals, tomorrow, more woodworking and the ballgame in the evening…Sunday, more of it and I think the race is in Talladega (Woo!). MAybe a friend over Saturday to watch the game with, maybe some homemade pizza or pepperoni rolls, plenty of beer (in the beer fridge which he is making a spot for in the cabinet)…and it’s going to be cool enough to be fabulously pleasant. Maybe I’ll sweep the Cave, hand the Auburn banner some place where it can’t be missed…

*Happy sigh*

Now it’s Saturday. Will came over for a few hours yesterday, and he and CJ made tenative plans for CJ to move into his (Will’s) new house that has a spare bedroom. Will just needs to check with his roommate to make sure it’s ok with him. The house is almost exactly halfway between CJ’s school and work, and it will mean he’s not living here, but is with his brother and not some goober…win win! I hope the roommate is ok with it, especially since CJ will only be there between midnight at 7am most days.

Terry is about 70% done with the cabinet, and is out there already. I need to fix some breakfast. Yard work is calling. It got down to 59 last night, cool enough for an extra blanket and the fuzzy bathrobe this morning. We left the windows open and there’s something almost magical about that really cool Fall air coming in early in the morning. Hot coffee is especially delicious on a morning like this.

I reckon this is one of those weekends a person wants to hold on to, to store in a box for remembering, when the hard times come along. It’s a precious reminder that life really is good sometimes, that kids grow up to become adults and that it’s ok to let them go, that happiness can be found in small things like a cup of coffee and a cool breeze, and friends coming over to hoot at the race with you (plans for tomorrow).


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