Rainy Monday

I’m sure there’s a cheesy ’70’s pop song about rainy mondays. Maybe even some contemporary band like Chemical Romance has one…No? Well anyway, I have a rainy Monday and I love it. It’s peaceful. Laundry is churning already, chicken is on to simmer for soup tonight (tortilla soup. I had some at El Sombrero last week and totally want to knock it off for supper tonight. note to self: stop at the store and pick up an avocado)

The weekend passed comfortably. No crises beyond Terry getting calls at midnight due to mechanical issues at work. It was his weekend on, so it was expected. He is taking off Thursday and Friday this week, since upcoming is his weekend off. Huzzah! He’s going to make some sawdust! And a new cabinet for the ManCave…something sturdier than what he’s got now, with locking doors and room for a beer fridge and microwave (to keep the nachoes warm) and big enough for the flatscreen tv he’s eyeballing as his end-of-the-year reward. I’ll keep him supplied in lemonade and cheery good-wifey-ness w/apron while he’s happy in the shop, making sawdust.

The air is cool and breezy and damp. The windows are open with cats sprawled in them, suspiciously eyeballing the rain as if it’s there just to offend them. We have a generous overhang so the rain won’t blow in, but it still offends them. The dogs too. They’ll use #4’s room as a bathroom if the door isn’t closed, because going outside in the rain causes their feet to get wet and they really don’t like that At All. As long as all the doors are shut, they’ll go outside, but don’t give them any options. Nasty things.

CJ asked me to go apartment shopping with him today. He wants to live in the same complex as David (tho not the same apartment)but dislikes talking to Officials, and that’s apparently where I come in. We’ll find out what he needs to get started- deposits and all, so he’ll have a number that he knows he’ll need to save up. We’ll also start accumulating the items he will need to set up- sheets, towels, a pack of toilet paper, basic groceries. The Habitat ReStore opens on Saturday, so we’ll look for kitchen items and furniture then. Plates and glasses can be had for 10cents a piece, sometimes there’s pots and such. And boatloads to pick from. He’s wanting a small couch and a table and a TV…but they don’t generally have TVs, so he’ll need to save up for that as well. I am guessing he’ll need about $500 for the apartment and another $500 for stuff to get set up. He ought to be able to have that in 2 months, if he’s careful. School starts for him tomorrow, so he won’t have the time or energy for galavanting. Fortunately the 2 months he’ll need to save up will allow him to figure out if he is able to handle the school/work schedule. If not, he can quit work and live at home while he’s in school. I hope he can…I’d love to turn his bedroom into a reading room/library thing for Terry.

Anyway…it’s Monday, and the week is full of promise. It’s a good feeling.


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One Response to Rainy Monday

  1. Bella Rum says:

    RAIN! We finally got some after months of nothing. I was beginning to think we’d never see it again. Everything was parched and water restrictions are in place. Rain is good.

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