So, I saw Dr. S this morning, all a-worried because I had pretty much convinced myself that I would be enduring yet another hip replacement. Ha! Tis to laugh! Dr S took x-rays and proudly announced that my hip looked so good it should be in textbooks. “The Best Most Expensive Hip Ever! Fantastic!” he announced. My issues? The pain and popping sensations when I turned or bent? Bursitis, plain and simple. Who ever thought one would be cheered so mightily with a diagnoses of bursitis? “Take some Aleve, do a few of these exercises, in a couple of weeks you’ll be right as rain.”

So…NO huge surgery to wreck my hopes of being a Victoria’s Secret model. NO six weeks of relying on everyone else to do things not the way I want them done. NO using the porta-pot with the raised seat and suffering the embarrassment of having a toilet next to the bed and having to get help onto it. NO dealing with an attorney and a lawsuit and such aggravation. Just 2 weeks (maybe 3) of treating myself gently. I am fairly sure the recovery will go fine with the addition of fine chocolates and that new bottle of ginger infused vodka in the freezer. In fact, I am extremely sure.

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6 Responses to Cheer!

  1. JerseyChick says:

    Epic WIN!

  2. We’ve got matching hips then cos i got exactly the same news from my surgeon – text book implant (gold standard was his actual term!), no infection and a bursitis.
    Sadly he didn’t mention the ginger infused vodka but I’ll put that on my “preparing for surgery” shopping list as i’ll be having a knee done soon.
    Good luck
    ps *wonders why she wants to wait to have surgery to try ginger vodka

    • rootietoot says:

      You don’t want to introduce anything new to your culinary experience when recovering from a surgery, therefore you should try the ginger infused vodka now…well there’s also the whole coumadin issue, no booze while taking that…however, I highly recommend ginger vodka when dealing with the anxiety leading up to surgery. It’s amazing mixed with pineapple juice.

      Effusive and hearty congrats on NOT having a bad hip! As a nurse friend of mine said “I have never known anyone to be happy with a diagnoses of bursitis!”

  3. Tracey says:

    Yay! (How weird that you both have bursitis though!)

  4. Glad the hip is ok and you’re not gonna have to worry about the lawsuit!

  5. Attila the Mom says:

    Oh thank goodness!

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