The Little Woman

*attention* this post in no way implies that Terry treats me as The Little Woman. He doesn’t.

I love my job. I get a huge kick out of keeping the house clean(ish), running #4 around to his various activities, and cooking interesting meals. I like having a bourbon and lemonade for Terry when he gets home, keeping clean sheets on the beds, and tending to the dogs. I even (kind of) like dealing with whatever varmint the cats chose to slaughter and drag in to the house…well ok maybe enjoy isn’t the right word, but it is amusing.

I have been a little worried, because I think entirely too much (right, JerseyChick?). What if my position as Household COO isn’t taken seriously by whoever it is who does these things, and when I go to dealing with DePuy Orthopedics they go “oh you’re just a housewife and don’t have any income so you don’t need any compensation for your troubles. Go away little woman.” There are all these scenarios running through my mind about it. What if they look through my medical records and go “oh lookee here, you’re bipolar, that means you’re obviously hysterical and exaggerating everything so we aren’t going to even consider you as worthy of our time.” What if the attorneys do the same? What if the attorney assigned to my case is a woman who’s jealous of housewives and decides I’m not worth the time or effort?

I was mopping the floor this morning, not easy or fun right now and even had to stop a couple of times because it actually made me nauseous (how I respond to pain, rather than going OW OW) but the floors were a mess and needed it, and whilst mopping I wondered what it would be worth. What about the laundry? how much is that worth? If we had a top loading washer it would be easier, but 5 years ago we got a front-loader and at the time is was a fantastic idea but right now the bending over to load and unload is onerous. CJ is helping, so is #4, and Terry toated it all downstairs but still…I hate asking other people to do my job.

What if…someone is out there in the woods across from my house, with a telephoto lens documenting that I could not POSSIBLY be having issues because I am mopping and doing laundry and no one with the issues I claim to be having could possibly do those things.

Don’t you ever do that- keep on doing your job when all you really want to do is lay down? Someone’s got to do it. But who? Terry, who works 14 hours a day in a nasty mill? Would that even be RIGHT, to ask him to do my job on top of his? What about CJ, who works 4 to midnight, so he’s home in the day right now, and actually *is* helping out quite a bit, but next week he starts school from 7:30am to 3:30pm, plus work, so even if he were here I totally wouldn’t ask him. #4? He can clean bathrooms, take out the trash, empty the dishwasher and feed the dogs…add a couple hours of homework to that and I think that’s enough to ask of him. No, I have my job to do and I am going to do it. Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!


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6 Responses to The Little Woman

  1. JerseyChick says:

    I know you ladies in the South mightn’t have heard it yet, but there was a little thing that happened in the US called the Women’s Movement, or Women’s Lib. The idea came across of “equal work for equal pay”, and lawyers are now bound to support it. Coupla laws passed, donchaknow.

    So, ask a local company how much they would charge to clean your house weekly, including laundry and dishes, and claim it. Find a caterer to estimate the meals. Find a taxi service to estimate taking #4 to school and back.

    Doesn’t matter if it’s done by a man, woman, or a little green creature from Mars, it costs to keep the house running, and if the court finds DePuy liable, they have to pay.

    You might as well include worrying that an earthquake will destroy the courthouse mid-trial, that the judge will secretly be a Elk Lodge buddy of the DePuy lawyer, or that a sneezing fit will ruin the plaintiffs’ lawyers’ closing arguments, if you’re going to worry about secret photographers.

    Go memorize another Psalm or watch Anne of Green Gables, and quit worrying. (Love you!)

  2. Terry says:

    Since the harder a wife works the cuter she looks, then you must be one HARD working beauty!!!


  3. I know what it’s like to do the work even when you’re in pain and/or exhausted from the pain so I can totally relate to this. I’m hopeful that people on the “outside” looking in” will understand that life goes on, only sometimes it’s harder or slower or more difficult when you’re in pain– but that you just can lay down and wait for the pixies or Tinkerbell to drop by and do it for you. You should get credit for the work you do. At least a girl can hope. xo jj

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