A favor to ask

I see the orthopedist on Wednesday. In order to fortify my psyche for the event, I am getting a haircut tomorrow. It’s been over a year since my last cut and I am looking forward to having something with a little style.

The favor I need involves recipes. I need ones that I can make ahead of time and freeze. That whole “once-a-month-cooking” thing, perhaps. If you don’t mind, hop over to Rootie’s Kitchen and leave suggestions. You don’t have to leave a full recipe, just something to tweak the imagination, because it’s not working so well at the moment and I am starting to get nervous.



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One Response to A favor to ask

  1. Trandel Moughlin says:

    Rules applying to peanut butter and jelly etiquette require that in the event of excess peanut butter or jelly remaining on the spoon or knife that that amount be considered waste and not be included in the sandwhich or be ingested. This is accepted and should not concern oneself as improper. Often the spoon or knife containing waste peanut butter or jelly will be hidden among other utensils in the kitchen sink.

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