Mah Hero!

Terry’s fiddling with the TV right now. It has a plethora of cords, and.. I despise seeing a tangle of them…and he says right out of the blue “the case of the one-eyed killer stud horse” and I’m like “whut?” and he goes “look” and holds up a Hank the Cowdog book. “alrighty then!” and returns to the tv cord apocalypse. Ok perhaps I exagerrate (exxagerate? exaggerate? there’s double letters in there somewhere)but it is quite the snarl. He told Arthur the Cable Guy he’d take care of it. It’s not just as simple as the cable box connecta-to-da-TV neither. Long gone are the days of “plug the tv in, have a cord from the tv to the rabbit ears”. Oh no…There’s the surround sound system, there’s the DVD player which is also a Netflix reception thing and it’s Blu-Ray so there’s fancy cords for that and it’s all HD so there’s extry cords for that and I hate a mess of tangled cords, so there he is, fighting with Medusa’s Head early on a Sunday morning, all because of my delicate sensibilities. This is why I love the man. Slayer of Dragons, my own personal Perseus.


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One Response to Mah Hero!

  1. JerseyChick says:

    Ok, the photo did me in. ROFLMAO. Hugs to my big brother, Slayer of Dragons.

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