Such a nice young man!

My kids have always enjoyed sweet things…oh I don’t mean ice cream and cake (tho yeah, that too) but music and video games with (in my opinion) charming qualities, sweet ones. Here they are, 11,19,20,22 and you know what they like to play on the computer? Not Grand Theft Auto, or Duke Nukem, but AirFX Dogfighter- a game that takes place inside a house, with model airplanes flying around shooting rubber bands at desktop toy guns shooting paper clips at them…and Marble Drop, where you build Rube Goldbergian machines to make colored marbles drop into specific receptacles. Oh sure, they like Mech Warrior and Halo and such, but they always return to the sweet games, innocent fun, and that makes me smile. I love to walk into the game room and catch #4 on the Wii, playing Animal Crossing (a little town, with characters that walk around and do things to collect coins that it can spend on items to decorate it’s house)

They watch Looney Tunes and The Muppet Show (we have it on DVD) and Mystery Science Theater 3000. Oh sure, Kill Bill has it’s appeal, but Looney Tunes and Muppet Show are what they turn to when they are sick or worn out.

Will draws whimsical pictures. David makes music with a catchy beat and happy harmonies. CJ walks around singing 1950’s country songs. #4 loves legos. Even when things are rough for them, when work is kicking their butts or social issues are causing angst, there’s an underlying happiness and contentment that makes me smile and believe everything is not-so-bad.

Oh don’t get me wrong, they have their moments. I’ve caught them with porn and violence and stuff I disapprove of, but in their hearts, their essence, their good kids with sweetness about them. I am optimistic.


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2 Responses to Such a nice young man!

  1. Jo says:

    That is very nice to hear.

    On the down side, I can’t stand Animal Crossing. My daughter plays it sometimes. Boring as all-get-out.

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