A Good Day…I insist.

I’ve said it before, I love Monday. I am not sure why, maybe it’t the return to routine, to 5 days of knowing what to expect, to the peace of a household with just me and the critters. Things get done on a Monday. Laundry, some cleaning, a bit of cooking for the rest of the week. When Monday is over the tuneof the week is established and everything is a-go. We all have clean clothes, food is ready in the event of an emergency…all set. It’s a good feeling.

A peaceful night’s sleep has calmed my mind regarding The Mess, so I am able to focus on normal life for a bit. Nothing is going to happen before the appointment with the orthopedist next Tuesday, so I can put all that on the back burner for a while. I realized this morning that I must reassure him that I have no intention of pursuing legal action against him for all this. He installed that implant in good faith, confident that it was a sturdy device and would suit me well for 15-20 years, also confident (given that he’s 70-ish) that he would not be the one doing the replacement in the future. Alas, he will be the one, unless he refers me to someone else. Anyway, I have NO intention of charging him with malpractice. He is probably more upset about this than I am, since he’s stuck them in many patients.

In the mean time, I refer to my Calvinist upbringing, and accept that what’s happening is happening for a real and (eventually) useful purpose. It will all work out in the ultimate end, somehow. I can’t see that far in the future, but everything apparently (at the time) horrible that has happened in the past eventually worked out into something wonderful, so I have no reason to believe this won’t somehow turn into a growth experience that will be useful. God’s good that way, taking experiences and using them.


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