Amazing, what sleep can do for you

Since finding out about The Mess (see previous 3 entries), sleep has been…hm…not very forthcoming. The whole lawyer/confrontation/o No! thing was really eating at me. then Terry and the HR guy soothed my ragged nerves and now, since a really solid sleep last night, I feel great.

I got online and found the attorneys who are handling the class action lawsuit, and emailed them. I had some delicious Ethiopian Harrar (rich, full bodied, low acid, Hey! that’s how I like men!) coffee, it’s Saturday and I don’t have to run around and get #4 to school, the dogs aren’t barking, it’s thundering and that means much needed rain…all good.

I have no idea what the day holds. Pretty much anything, it would appear. Rain is good, it’s an invitation to stay inside and make something. Like I’d actually go outside and do anythingin this September heat anyway, but now I don’t even have to think about it. The yard needs raking most egregiously. The driveway needs blowing off…but it looks like rain! No point in any of that!

Hobby Lobby opens at…um…9, methinks. It requires some investigating to see if they carry quilling supplies. For about $10, all the stuff required (fancy strips of paper, a thingy like a huge needle on a handle for facilitating rolling the strips) can be had. It looks fun and creative, and cheap. I love a cheap pastime. And pretty! Who doesn’t love a gorgeous snowflake?. It’s 8 now…so I can putter happily until then.

You know, I have a couple of very dear friends who remind me constantly about Trusting God. I know, I know…worry is a lack of trust. I get that. I am so accustomed to fretting things into submission that it’s just the way it’s done around here. Then I get fussed at (you’re not trusting!) and I have to back off and kind of turn the worry burner down to a simmer…can’t turn it off, because…well, I just can’t…until I can. Once the situation is firmly evaluated and all the options are investigated and people are consulted…then I can relax. My tendency (Peaches yelled at me for this “YOU AREN’T TRUSTING GOD!” she shouted. She always shouts, and looks appalled, then she laughs and buys me lunch so it’s ok) is to expect the very worst of things. I figure if you expect the worst, and it happens, you’re prepared for it. If it doesn’t happen, you’re pleasantly surprised. I’d rather be prepared, wouldn’t you? (“YOU AREN’T TRUSTING GOD!!!”). On the other hand, I wonder if God would want me to wander around like an oblivious little lamb waiting for good things to drop in my lap with no effort from me…somehow I don’t think so. If He wanted that, He wouldn’t have given me a brain for figuring out solutions. Yes, I trust Him, but I also believe He expects something from me, as well.

So, The Mess has been evaluated and options investigated. I can comfortably wait for the visit with the orthopod (on Sept 22) to see wot’s wot and where that stands. I’m in no real pain, just a little peculiar walk because the hip ain’t quite right…but not painful, so I can deal with that, not being a runway model or a racehorse. The attorneys for the class-action lawsuit against DePuy have been emailed, and I can wait until they get back with me. Oh yes, I am participating in that. I want compensation for my worry and having to deal with the doctors all over again. Even if the hip isn’t horrible right now, I will have to consult regularly with the orthopod to monitor it, and that’s a real inconvenience. I don’t care about getting enough to retire to Costa Rica…I just want recognition that my time is valuable.

Anyway, today is going to be a good day. Yes it will.


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4 Responses to Amazing, what sleep can do for you

  1. Bella Rum says:

    I’m glad you got some sleep. I’m the same way with the worrying. I’d probably be pretty angry too, but I know that helps nothing. Taking action and staying on top of things… that will help, and you will do that. Sorry this happened, Rootie.

    • rootietoot says:

      Thanks, Bella. I’ve decided to look at the whole thing as some sort of Grand Adventure Into the Semi-Unknown. Since I haven’t done anything wrong, I’ve got nothing to be nervous about.

  2. I think if I don’t worry enough about a problem the outcome won’t be favorable.


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